Monday 5 September 2016

Monday 5 September 2016

For the love of Summer and Strawberries!

My love for strawberries is second to none and I deem it a cardinal sin, if one doesn’t indulge in abundant portions of pretty much ‘all-things strawberry’ during summer! I have jarred some of this sunshine already, which I know for sure , will be my saving grace on one of those long cold winter nights, there were some glorious ( Eton)Messes  and heavenly pink smoothies were downed down shamelessly! But with my hand on my chest, I declare the simple but divine –strawberries and cream to have captured my heart, yet another season! It certainly, is the simple things in life that matter!

I have totally jazzed it up with some honey-toasted nuts, for a crumble like texture! With little effort and a handful of ingredients, you can transform this classy number to something memorable!

 So here goes…..

Freshly chopped up  strawberries   250gms
Rolled Oats    ½ cup
Almond Flour 1/4th cup
Brown Sugar   3 tbsp.
Cinnamon       1 tsp
Butter             3 tbsp.
Hazel Nut, Almonds, Pistachios   - roughly grounded
Honey(or maple syrup)     4tbsp
Some fresh cream to serve up.


Preheat the oven at 200deg cel. Using a rolling pin I roughly grounded all the nuts, you want reasonably sized chunks for the crumble. Mix all the dry ingredients along with the butter in a large mason  jar It can get a bit messy and sticky as you pour in the dripply honey and work with the crumble. Once the ingredients have blended in, spread it thinly over a nice tray , lined with some backing parchment. This prevents the crumble for sticking to the base of the tin.

Now place the nutty mix in the oven for about 10mins, until the mix is a nice golden texture. I would recommend guarding your batch like hawk, a min or two of extra oven time could totally burn the crumble!

Once the crumble is done, you can serve it either hot or cold! Scoop up some generous portion of strawberry and some fine cream and top with the lovely nutty mix for a taste of heaven!

I told ya, its dead easy!

Tell us about your summer recipes! Any ‘much-loved’ celebratory recipe in your household!

Until Next time

Take care!

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