Tuesday 27 September 2016

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Game of Brow's!!

Emily Ratajkowski, Angelina Jolie, Adele,Emma Watson and David Beckam have all got one thing in common............


From Freida Kahlo’s innocuous unibrows to the spectacle-worthy Cleopatra’s dramatic brow perfection, brow trends have come and gone! We have succumbed to merciless tweezing, painful waxing and of course agonizing plucking – all in the quest for picture perfect arched goodness! In the Game of Brow’s, Cara D’s Bold and Beautiful untamed lashes has set new standards in facial topiary!  Fret not, with my top-notch brow techniques, you can up your brow-game and Let your eye(brows)do the talking ;)!!

Eyebrows, many a times is an afterthought. It’s absolute power and might is ever so often forgotten and even the most delicate of strokes can transform the mundane brow to brow-ilicious goodness! So keeping your brows clean and polished is of paramount importance! I prefer the subtle classy brow look and the overly filled-razor sharp edged brows packed with concealer is a major NO-NO for me! I have acquired years of practiced perfection, involving meticulous experimentation and research to pin-down my A-Z Brow Guide!

It’s all about the tools!

Here are a few of the products that I reach out 

Eyebrow Pencil : ABH brow pencil and Maybelline brow duo shaper.
ABH Brow Powder Duo/MAC espresso eyeshadow
Clear Gel
Faces/ABH Duo brush
MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow/Makeup Geek Vanilla bean eyeshadow

Whipping them into Shape!

Brow Guru, Zoey Van Jones and other industry experts have endorsed Fuller eyebrows! For the not-so Brooke-Shields like brows many of us have, whipping your brows into good shape is the best place to start! Threading has been my chosen method for years now! Agreed, it is one of the slightly more-painful methods, but sans the chemicals in waxing and with long lasting results it certainly makes a strong argument! Threading my forehead was an accidental discovery, it instantaneously brightened my face, the results were so convincing that I have stuck to it, till date! A fortnightly trip (damn the hormones!)to the salon is the norm!

The Powder v/s Pencil Conundrum

 If you are new to the eyebrow biz then start with a pencil, as it gives more control. Pencils allow you to create small hair like strokes to fill in your eyebrows. Bear in mind, filling your eyebrows is not the same as Painting by Numbers, refrain from creating contours and then block shading with your pencil! Pencil is more forgiving when it comes to excessive product, you can blend it out using a clean spoolie and this removes any harsh makeup up and renders a natural finish!

Powder is good if you are after a natural, well-blended look. You can top the powder with a brow gel for long lasting results like a pencil or cream. I love the MAC eyeshadow espresso, you can also use ABH duo powder or this one from Gerard cosmetics. Use an angle brush to give a natural unkempt touch to your brows.

Nitty-gritties of Filling them up!

When it comes to creating beautiful brows, spoolie is your partner in crime! I would start by brushing my eyebrows to better sense the shape and gauge the area I need to fill in. Guidelines help to visualise the end result, the starting point of your brow should align with the upper bridge of your nostrils and the end point with the lower bridge.

Whilst filling in, always start with gentle strokes from the arch of your brows and work towards the end.

It’s certainly deemed a cardinal sin to match your brow colour to your hair colour and it’s worth investing time in picking out the right colour.

My eyebrows are thick towards the inner half and lighter towards the outer half;I tend to switch between an eyebrow pencil and a powder. As a rule of thumb, I use a lighter colour to fill in the inner half section and a darker shade for the outer half.

Final Touches!
If you are short on time, a touch of brow gel can work wonders! It tames all those unruly brows and holds them in place! You can choose to use a brow gel on its own or use it to set pencil/powder.

Once I am done filling my eyebrows I set the underneath of my brows with a shimmer highlighter powder to make my arch pop. I am not a huge fan of using a concealer on a regular basis and I use them only in SOS situations when there is a serious case of badly over grown brows!

The Last word!
One major rule while doing your eyebrows is to not to change the shape too much. Each facial shape and feature can pull off a certain kind of look better and certainly stray away from overdoing your brows.

Be it tweezing or threading, creating clear guidelines with a pencil is the best approach before removing hair. This can serve as a cautionary measure as well from over tweezing.

The key to mastering brow art is, understanding the angle and proportion of your eyebrows. An easy way to determine where your brows should start and end is:
  •         Place your pencil/brush against the side of your nose keeping it vertical. The point where the pencil and eyebrows meet is where your brows should begin.

  •        Place the pencil/brush against the side of your nostril. Angle it along the outside corner of your lower lash line and that is the point where your brow ends. Make sure your brown does not go lower than that.

My last bit of advice being, as a safe measure avoid shaping/tweezing your eyebrows on the eve or day of any event to dodge  unwarranted allergic reactions!

The future is certainly filled with creative hope in the browspace, with the likes of invisbrow and the avant-garde highline brow there has been much excitement!

I had so much fun doing this post with inspiration from Into The Gloss and their article on brows!

Until Next time!


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