Tuesday 24 January 2017

The Gypsy Guides: 8 Top things to do in Athens! The Gypsy Guides: 8 Top things to do in Athens!

If you are up for an exhilarating travel experience, Greece surely tops all travel bucket lists! Be it the blue skies or exciting voyages in search of treasured islands across the Aegean seas- Greece has seduced travellers from time immemorial!

But I hope to make a case for Athens today! With much celebrated history, abundant museums stocked up on art and relics-Athens will surely top your wildest expectation – I tell you.The buzzing crowds, splendid sunsets, the vibrant markets with haggling tourists and the ever-so-divinely scrumptious –no –faff cuisine, there is just so much to see and experience - A trip to Athens will surely be a one that will be remembered!
Picture courtsey Stanislav Sedov

1.Let’s start at Acropolis!
Like any grand pilgrimage, it has to start at the Acropolis, and an early start at it, I recommend,to dodge the long queuing! The mighty citadel Stands ever so tall, towering over the city.Acropolis is a total win-win  not only does it house some of the oldest monuments in the world but with spectacular one-of a kind –aerial(ish) views of the sprawling city – it will win you  over in no time!

The heart and soul of Acropolis has to be the Parthenon, the ‘perpetual’ temple has lived through countless wars and outlived time itself! Grab hold of a local guide to experience  finest patriotic lesson in ancient greek history and it’s much delightful to witness the pentalic marble metamorphosize into a magical golden hue with the setting sun.

3,4 Plaka,Syntagma ,Monstriaki and Roman Agora
Once you’ve soaked up all the history, set forth and hit the streets of Plaka! With trattoria’s galore and plentiful shopping options, there is much to be explored and much wandering involved and it truly gives you an opportunity to get intimate with the city! 

From dainty jewellery to gladiator armoury,the  flea market in Monstriaki is quirky and oozes eclectic charm,there will be much fun and the Roman Agora is just around the corner! Hidden in the inner streets of plaka  is some of the finest art stores, you might be even lucky to pick up  beautiful Aegean landscape portrait at a nifty deal to adorn the wall back home!

Athens is proper Mecca for Museum-enthusiasts! From world-renowned to best in the world , Athens truly is museum aristocracy! 

With over 5 museums to pick from,a museum visit is almost dutiful! The Acropolis Museum seated at neighbouring distance from the grounds of Acropolis,houses all the excavated artefacts from the temple of Parthenon and truly takes you back in time! With glass floors and spectacular ceilings, the museum makes a  magnificient- contemporary,  abode for all the relics.

The Temple of Zeus is pretty hard to miss, situated about 700m from Synatagma, the remains of 104 columns is certainly worth a visit!It took several  leaders and empires to get the temple to completion and it was under Hadrian Empire in the 2nd century AD the temple was said to have fully finished. Despite being a victim of many barbaric invasions a substantial part of the temple still remains.

7.Some Olympic action at the Panathenaic Stadium
The Panathenaic Stadium is a top tourist attraction! Built in 4th century BC initially to host Panathenaic  athletic games  and later a  marble revamp was provided under the leadership of Herodes Atticus it’s said to have hosted the first modern Olympics in the year 1896.  

A sprint on the running track is legacy of one of its kind!

8.Magnificent Sunsets!
When in Greece, the Greek way –It is ;)! You certainly have to revel in the magnificent crimson last rays of the day, for sunsets in Greece is truly a spiritual experience and a celebration of the simplest joys in life. Mount Lycabettus is ‘THE’ place to be at sunset! With the view of acropolis on one side and the sprawling city all around, that seems to engulf the horizon somewhere in the distance ;)

Adventure awaits you!

Until Next time!


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Sunday 15 January 2017

KateSpade Giveaway! KateSpade Giveaway!


Excitement is certainly the order of the day! We are absolutely thrilled to announce the KATESPADE GIVEAWAY (woot woot) ! 2016 was a cracking year and we are ever so thankful for all the love and support! We’ve had much fun in this space- the big finds, the outfit drama, the grand voyages and even making the world a better place (to some degree :D ha!) one recipe at a time ;)

As for the giveaway, we’ve got hold of the CAMERON STREET STACY from Kate Spade. The gorgeous wallet in pink confetti will give you much motivation to get the bucks-in-order ;) and a journal seemed a natural choice, it only seemed fair to giveaway a pretty journal to pen away the many great memories and expeditions to far away dreamy-exotic lands that awaits you.

To participate in the giveaway, all you need to do is:

·      Join us using Google Friend Connect(Click away the FOLLOW button on the right-hand tab, under the followers section)
·      Leave a comment below the blog post and tell us why you want to win the giveaway :) 
·      Like TheMakeupSOS fb page  and share this post  on  your wall.

The giveaway is open also on Instagram, head over to our profiles for all the details!

One lucky reader will be announced as winner on the 31st of Jan 2017!

So hurry, hurry and Good luck!

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Friday 13 January 2017

Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review Look Fantastic Beauty Box Review


Wish you all a very Happy New Year from D-Town. Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s. 

Well,you can always count me in for a good round of online shopping and Look Fantastic, has been a recent revelation, a much delightful one, I may add! Spoiled for choice would be an understatement, they offer over 14,000 products to pick from covering hair care,makeup & beauty and skin care range. And Ladies( drum roll) I am super excited to present their ‘EPIC’ Beauty Boxes( shipped internationally, WOOT WOOT).

Each monthly box, is literally Christmas all over again and it’s packed with amazing products. The December box was truly spectacular, with seasonal packaging and (really) good product selection, it was only fair , to give you guys a sneak peek into the #LFXMAS box.

They provide a good offering,when in comes to subscription choices. You can either pick the one month option priced at 15 GBP, Or a 3 months subscription with a 14.50 GBP per month. The 6 month subscription is a 13.75GBP per month and the 1 year subscription is only 13GBP per month.

And best part about the beauty box is the timeliness! Very often with other beauty boxes in the market, the delivery times are ever so slow and even unpredictable to a certain degree. The Look fantastic ones have been consistently dispatched on the 2nd or the 3rd of the month, reaching Qatar by mid-month.

Now the contents! The brand offerings in the monthly Subscription is certainly tasteful, with the likes of Murad,Boscia,Ren, Philip Kingsley and Illamasqua(Phew!).

As for the December Box ,with Bath Fizzers and dreamy potions, it was much needed winter TLC.

Hibiscus and Acai Berry Tea Bath Fizzer from Bubble T, Bath and body

Yup, this month had a bath bomb from Bubble t bath and bodyrange.

This one smells divine and leaves as fresh as you can possibly imagine. I have safely tucked it away from ma boys, they literally go wild with excitement even on a mild sniff of a bath bomb :D

Illamasqua Hydra Viel,Rehydating gel 

**sample quantity 6ml  was included in the box,  30 ml is priced at  32 pounds

I love Illamasqua products and have been using them for some time. This one is a perfect base for your makeup. It’s very light and sinks into your skin leaving it silky smooth. It helps in smoother application of your foundation giving a flawless finish. It works with both dry and combination skin and the formula works amazing well on sensitive skin as well!

Balance Me Pure Skin Face wash

I rather got bored with my current face wash and I have been looking out for a new one to try. Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash came right on time and I am excited to try this one out. I have heard good reviews about the same. The quantity provided is 50ml which in not bad. The 125 ml product is priced  16 GBP.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This one has to be my favourite pick from the December box. I have been wanting  to try hair products from the much hyped about -Philip Kingsley range. 

They are deemed as ‘THE best’ for dry damaged hair, and like me, if your hair has been  badly abused,then this one would be perfect. It was a 40ml sample was included in the box and it for sure, will be going back for more! The 150 ml Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is priced at 30 GBP.

Mellow Ultra Matte Lipstick 

Mellow is a new Zealand based Company. With  vegan,paraben and cruelty free based product their  passion for creating guilty free products is certainly amazing. The ultra matte lipstick in the shade  madness ( priced at $13USD)  was part of the #LFXMAS box. Such a promising product  and a detailed review, I promise.

Skin Republic Caviar and COQ10  Nourish and hydrate face mask sheet 

I love sheet masks, I tend to reach out for them on those lazy, tiring days, and I want to look fresh. If you’re looking for that youthful skin then this one is perfect as it provided deep level repair, moisturising and revitalising your skin. It also helps to fight free radical damage and slows down signs of ageing. You can buy your caviar sheets from superdrug , Its priced 4.99 GBP for Price 25ml .

So guys if you still haven't subscribed to this one I think you should now. This definitely worth the money and as for all the non-UK residents, you don't have to worry, Shipping to Qatar is free and no duty too. It will be delivered to your local PO.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Until Next Time,

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Sunday 8 January 2017

2016, You were truly Brilliant 2016, You were truly Brilliant

I am slowly warming up to 2017 and the last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster memory ride for sure.

Well 2016 was nothing short of EPIC-ness of the highest proportions and I can sense this joyful twitch in my heart thinking of all the great memories made!  It could have been a year of self-discovery to some degree, when I truly let go of myself and I must say it’s been absolutely liberating. I am not sure whether I am proverbially any wiser than my usual self(Ha!), but I think I have found a happy place!

New places explored, plentiful exhilarating exciting adventures to count back on and many memories etched for eternity!
It certainly was a year of abundant love and  grateful for time spent with near and dear ones, 2016 you were truly brilliant!

It was a spectacular year blog-wise too! TheMakeupSOS has grown in folds and we can’t thank you enough for the constant love and support! It has been a year of fantastic makeup discoveries, gaga –moments over glorious palettes and fantastic cherry plum breakthroughs!! We’ve hacked our way through weekly meals and treated ourselves with some indulgent classy numbers too ;)
  And oh yes, let 2016 be earmarked as the year of come-backs, from patches to sassy velvet it certainly was a year of  timeless fashionable moments. It was a year of  great collaborations and  we were truly lucky to have worked with some great creators and influencers.

And We are ever so grateful to all our lovely readers out there! Every like, comment ,share has been the much appreciated :)

 !  The encouragement and kind words, truly keeps us going and we are humbled by all the love we’ve received!
And as we slowly roll into yet another innings,we would like to wish you all a very happy new year, may there be much peace, joy and love !Wishing you all the health and company of amazing friends.

And as for 2017,  It will be a smashing one,I can feel it in my bones!

PS: Do stay tuned for the upcoming post, we have something exciting planned for you ;) ! 
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