Sunday 16 October 2016

Sunday 16 October 2016

Twirling Away in a Janki Prakash Number!!

The simplest of detailing can elevate a good ensemble to a divine one. A plummeting cut, some dainty guipure or even the finest understated embellishment can truly make a difference. 

Then comes drapery, the effortlessness in the way the silhouette embodies you and yields heaps of chic-armour and that is, the true distinction between a fine outfit and an EPIC one!

‘Black trumps all’ declared Mademoiselle Chanel!  A cheeky black number for the wardrobe is certainly much-needed wardrobe-arsenal! Now, it is no secret that I am a sucker for a Janki Prakash Design and in this post I am super thrilled to feature another stunner of a design from her label. 

Well, Janki certainly embraced the Chanel-esque spirit and produced a colossal version of the quintessential LBD! Ladies, get ready to unlearn the little-black-dress as you know it!

Kalamkari is no stranger to an Indian wardrobe, we probably have a bazillion kurti’s hidden in the deepest wardrobe treasure troves in an assortment of vivid colours and flamboyant motif prints of all sizes(Guilty as charged :D)! Little would have one imagined it in a skater-midi version of a dress!

Not holding back on her artistic instincts, Janki valiantly triumphed the Kalamkari and transformed it into a sassy piece! With flounce in plenty and sharp cuts and oh-so-well-defined drapery, this dress is certainly an absolute wardrobe favourite of mine, the shameless-glee in all the pics  gives it away, way too easily and you’ve probably gathered it already- I was on cloud-central NINE and  undeniably ecstatic to flaunt and twirl away in the splendid dress!

The ‘tie-me’ knot keeps it playfully feisty and pair it with some heels galore for the dreamy-date night look! Janki endorses sporting feminine-chic and the added waist band in a zig-zag motif print garment not only produces a juxtapose effect but adds much needed structure to the silhouette! An ardent lover of all things silk, Janki has an instant instinctive expertise as to what garment works best for a design and which ones to steer-clear off!

The picturesque settings in Mattencherry, was just the perfect rustic-setting we could have asked for! It was a much-fun shoot day with Mr Anvar Zayan and it was the bluest of doors that first caught our attention and us luck would have it , the rickety building  and adjoining yard was packed with eclectic charm! It almost seemed like, the stars aligned for you Janki;) !!

And it surely felt like the dress electrifyingly came into life and I twirled and twirled, LEFT CENTRAL RIGHT, like there was no-tomorrow as if my life dearly depended on it :D and there was no stopping me!  Ha!

Can’t thank you enough for this EPIC outfit Janki : ) ! I absolutely loved it!

And a little birdie tells me they spotted the diva by the Burj soaking up  all the sun and sand, follow her along @jankiprakash on Instagram and @Sreelakshmi Prakash on facebook to stay tuned on all her exciting adventures!

And special thanks to Anvar for the awesome pictures! Anvar was  the perfect-partner in crime for this project- thank you for all the amazing pictures :) it was an absolutely memorable shoot! To see more of Anvar's remarkable work, head to his page  Tadpol photography or follow him along on IG  @anvarzayan

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  1. Oh that dress is truly stunning!
    Thanks so much for your sweet messages on Instagram!
    Have fun in Mykonos girl.