Sunday 26 March 2017

The Surprisingly easy 3 Golden Rules- That's promised to get rid of your Acne Woes! The Surprisingly easy 3 Golden Rules- That's promised to get rid of your Acne Woes!

‘Mirror, Mirror On the wall…….’

Forget being the finest maiden, if you are like me and quite plagued by the utterly stubborn acne breakout, that seem to catch on faster than an epidemic, hold tight and don’t you go anywhere- your prayer has been answered! Yeehaw, with a few cheeky hacks, you can tame the feisty beast!


Ah not the movie;) If you are smothering rich buttery moisturizers all over your face – day in and day out, we have a problem! And Now, is the time to take make the yo’U’ turn.
Experts suggest if you are acne prone, one should avoid moisturizers all together, a rather radical life changing choice, I may add, and with the likes of aging and other many skin woes we need to address, a realistic first step would be switching to a gel based-oil free-hydration- formula! Greasy moisturizers are simply not your friend when it comes to acne, be it clogging those nasty pores, to just leaving your face stickly-oily! So, goodbye to the rich-butter creams!

RULE NO 2 : Read the Label

Now I must confess, a trip to the local Boots store to buy a moisturizer is as daunting as fighting a Nihon no ryū! Now say WHAT! And that’s exactly my point! The plethora of options, quite frankly leaves me clueless and up until relative recent times, l paid little(insert text  ‘no’ ) attention to  labels at all! The keyword you need to look out for is salicylic acid or benzoyle peroxide, both proved to be very effective in war against acne.
Now as mentioned in Rule 1, choosing a hydration-based formula is key and experts suggest, the magical word is ‘icone’, like silicone. Ingredients that end with icone are generally humectants and lock in on moisture and said to be very hydration friendly!

Burt's Bees-Acne Solution

Neutrogena - Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturizer

RULE NO 3:Some solid Sun Protection

‘Acne is a very teenage problem’-  is a total myth, And about ‘Sun Being good for Acne’ is as contradictory as a myth can ever be! Ladies,Gents,Boys and Girls, SUN = BAD, when it comes to skin care! So cash in on the SPF when you choose your moisturizer, with at least a minimum of SPF 30. There are several day moisturizers with combined SPF protection or alternatively you can choose a non-greasy sunscreen for extra sun-safeguard.

So there you go, our three golden rules, paving the world to a better –acne free world!

Carpe Diem!

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Friday 24 March 2017

Wishing you a Glorious Weekend! Wishing you a Glorious Weekend!

Picture Courtsey:Weheartit

And its FRI-YaaaY!   I have been under the weather all this week, with a temperature that seemed to be fluctuating more like a seesaw- it certainly wasn’t the pinkest of health  this week and I am rather glad to embrace the weekend! There will be some catch-up sleeping and some VEEP-ing! 

I might muster some courage to journey into my dark and unexplored wardrobe territory and get organisational- Its a jungle out there;)

Picture Courtsey:Elle

The mister and I, We are off to a round of Portugal explorations next week and there is much sun promised- Fingers Crossed!

A DimSum Friday,perhaps? This recipe has become a weekend ritual in our household!

And this picture left me chuckling!

Image Courtsey:Pinterest
It’s the season of pink and some lemony yellows!

Image CourtesyIndependent

Amanda Seyfred literally has the most adorable dog ever-its packed with cuteness overload- you’ve been warned ;)!

Wishing you all a Glorious weekend!

Until Next Time, 

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Tuesday 21 March 2017

Springing into a Wardrobe Make Over! Springing into a Wardrobe Make Over!

Well, Hello there!

Its officially spring and in the true spirit of spring and spring cleaning and all the things bright and merry, we are so totally ‘springing into action’ with a wardrobe make over!

Tag it telepathy or brute intergalactic  forces from another dimension( I might have watched Interstellar an obnoxiously high number of times! ), I can most certainly hear your wardrobe spirits saying pretty please ! So Read on sista!

From flabbergasting-ly awesome bikers to the mighty come back of the 1940’s asymmetric one shoulder we’ve got It all covered and as always we are getting to the nitty gritty of the matter and starting at some good old wardrobe staples!

The WARDROBE Essentials!
Leather Jacket - Zara  
Cashmere Sweater - Boden
Silk Scarf - Mango
Basic T's -Uniqlo
Loafers- Office
Denims - Mango Lighter boy friendDarker Denim 

The one and only Biker Jacket
Now, Arnie’s infamous ‘I’ll be back’ dialogue, doting an ‘all black look’ was a style cult statement right there   or my all-time favourite Maverick in Top Gun with  his ultra-swag leather jacket with military patches, there is much to be learned from historic Hollywood times and an investment in a leather jacket will do you much wardrobe wonders!

A Blazer??
Yes, the smirk, I see it ;) I did warn you about the telepathic forces at play!
If I took any cue at all, from recent dramatical political times, it had to be the suave pant suits worn by US Presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton.  It certainly was the metaphorical power dressing at its best, and tapping into, ‘enclothed cognition’ as called by Dr Adam Galinsky encompasses the mighty influence of clothing on the wearer, Ms Clinton successfully captured the fancy of many across the world. And If pant suits are a bit much by your wardrobe standards, a blazer for the wardrobe will be the step in the right direction to embrace enclothed cognition and to tap into that flamboyant, at times lost, self-confidence .I rest my case.

Basic t’s
Now let’s face it, an off shoulder number for the milk-run, as fashionably sassy as it sounds, is only a distant dream! So flood up your wardrobe with some quintessential t’s and you’ll be forever grateful!

Cashmere Sweater
Like any other real life observations, wardrobe goals are an absolute must! I am off to save for my Cashmere Sweater, I’ll get there some day, Whilst I dream away my Ralph Lauren light and lofty sweaters in prettiest pastel shades, a thrifty h&m knock off might do the trick for now!

Denims –Duh!
Finding a well fitted denim is like picking the right partner.  You most certainly have to wade your way through the stragglers, the nonconformists, mildly cuckoo- ones out there and in the end you just find the right person-who likes you for your crazy and live happily ever after or something like that! SO yes, take your time to know your denim- it’s a life choice
After all;)

Effortlessly chic ! Just slip into those and Wa-lah  be it smart work wear or smart casuals, I can think of more than 5 effective use of loafers in your life, a good wardrobe choice is all about optimization!
Some Spring Inspo
Now since Makeover is the theme of the day, we couldn’t do without a round of Spring Inspiration! If you haven’t taken the shimmer skirts plunge, now is certainly the time!

And Ladies,this season celebrates the comeback of PINK! WUHooo! Pastels, Fuschia,Magenta – it’s an absolute Pink immersion and in all honesty, there is no other colour that can quite exude elegance and effortless fun as pink does , So a big FAT YES to PINK this season! And as we slowly make our way to sunnier, (well its relative), let’s make some way for some strappy punk shoes and Mules maybe?


                                                Frilly Satin top- H&M
Pleated Shimmery Skirt- Zara ( On Sale, Low on stock - so hurry hurry),similar here
Flounce dress - Zara
Crinkled Top - H&M 
Jaquard weave dress - H&M
Flounce knit top with pretty bell sleeves- Chicwish

Nude Heels - Kurt Keiger
Sassy Pink Heels - Aldo
Platform heels in flossy blue - Aldo 
Belt in Vintage Pink - H&M

Wide –legged trousers, are having a bit of a fashion-lime-light moment and it’s a comeback in the grandest of ways! From Sailor-button cuts to side slits paired with a graphical –T with killer slogan, it’s all the fashion-gusto you need, to get going on the save the world mission! And if stocking up on stripe-y garments counts, I have truly earned my stripes! I must confess, like your best buds getting married, there is a spark of excitement when I see the matrimonial union of stripes and wide-legs! Now that’s fashion –genius-ness -right there!

    Top Row ( L to R): Graphical T- Mango
Stripes - Mango,
 Lacey Blouse with some flounce- Mango , 
Asymmetrical Top - Mango
     Second Row( L to R):Black Striped trousers  -H&M
Wide legged Trousers -H&M
Stripe Trousers with Side Slit - Zara,
 Suit trousers -Massimo Dutti

We hope to have inspired you to spring into action.

Until Next time!

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Saturday 18 March 2017

Scrumptious Chowder Scrumptious Chowder

The mister and I, we’ve been home-ing it a lot lately! The chill in the air, is reason enough for us to just call it quits on outdoor ventures of sorts! We have been shamelessly resigning to the comfort of the couch and serial binge watching has certainly been the theme all season long! 

One of our fine discovery this winter, has to be the ever so Scrumptious Chowder. We pimped it up with some ginger and added some paprika for extra heat. Read on for the supremely easy recipe, just the perfect hearty dish  for a chilly  night!

Scrumptious Chowder
Serves: 4


25gms Butter
1 Onion finely chopped
1 glove of garlic
Tiny Piece of Ginger chopped finely
2 sticks of celery
2 fresh corn on cob
30 gms potatoes
200 gms of chicken
20gms Bacon (optional)
1 Chicken Stock cube
1 1/2 tsp paprika
1tsp nutmeg
75 ml Fresh cream
Salt to taste
Freshly ground Pepper
Fresh parsley to serve
                                                ½ cup water


Add a knob of butter to a pan, tip in the bacon and once its browned, in goes the finely chopped onion and celery along with the garlic and ginger. Sauté it for a while and add the paprika and Nutmeg. 

Then in goes Chicken Stock, potatoes and Corn and once it comes to a boil add the chicken and some extra water, cover the pot with a lid and let it cook for a good 20-25 mins until the chicken is cooked. 

And the cream is added at the last, do remember to bring down the heat and gently warm the broth.And with some freshly ground pepper and salt –seasoning check- Ta-Da, your scrumptious chowder is ready!

Some parsley buttered toasted baguette goes gloriously well with the chowder and the add fresh parsley for a bit of garnish before you serve.


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Sunday 12 March 2017

Artis Makeup brushes –Is it truly worth the hype,An honest Review! Artis Makeup brushes –Is it truly worth the hype,An honest Review!

‘Artis’ is one of the most hyped product in the market, from beauty guru’s to glam bloggers- everyone seems to have gone ga-ga over it- and Million Dollar question is-Is it truly worth it? Are the extra bucks  justified?

 I was lucky to get my hands on Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set, I have been a religious user and borderline obsessed with the brushes ever since I got them! The set consists of 5 brushes which includes Oval 6 used for foundation, blush and contour application. Oval 4 and Oval3 for eye makeup application and Linear 1 and Circle 1

Artis takes re-invention super seriously! As a brand they are dedicated to bringing out cutting edge tools and techniques pushing the creative and design envelope time and again! And they take utmost pride in creating ethical and aesthetically glorious brushes.

Now the most prominent feature of the brush is the shape itself. The handle of the brush bend a bit whilst you work it on your face making the application process super easy.The design suits multi-purpose and with extremely soft and cushion-y texture, the brushes are super easy on your face! The strong grip and rubberized handle gives it a strong 10/10 on ergonomics! The brushes are made of  CosmeFibre hair, an engineered solution by Artis and performs well with powders, emollients and liquids without any degradation.

Oval 6— the brand claims its best used to apply foundation/blush/contour application. I gave it a try as a foundation brush and I must confess I wasn’t really a fan! The Oval 7/8 would be a better choice as your foundation brush, as it blends like a dream! Oval 6 is your partner in crime for some contouring action and applying the all-important concealer.

Oval 4 is used to apply eyeshadow from upper lash line to the fold in the eyelid. It’s also great for applying concealer to the area under or around the eye and  it’s perfect to contour your nose.

Oval 3 can be used in blending or shading the products applied to the outside and inner corners of the eyelids. It can be also used to apply the foundation/concealer to the side corner of the eyes or on the side of the nose. I use this brush to apply eyeshadow to the center of my eyes and sometimes to smoke out the corner of my eyes.

Linear 1 has a narrow row of fibers to help concentrate product application in a line, especially along the lash line and also to apply a defined line along the lips/to clean around the lips. It’s absolutely perfect for the brows for creating a clean,defined line.

Circle 1 has a tilt from the handle and a round fibre bundle, which helps to apply lip products across the lip quickly and softly. It can also be used for a more precise edge if desired. It’s certainly versatile – be it to help conceal the spots, to even applying your lipstick- I am pretty hooked onto my Circle1.

I have been using the Elite Smoke Set for almost a month now and yes, there was a round of ardent cleaning too! Now hold tight, its super –duper easy to clean these babies!Not a shed of fiber and they  retain their shape with utmost perfection compared to the established brands in the market.These take slightly longer to dry out as the brushes are to the denser side.

If I were to sum up my Artis experience in one word it would be – LUXE. It certainly lives up to being the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all makeup brushes!  Now is it a must- have? I would say- not really! With all the good makeup brushes out there at affordable prices and if you are on a tight budget, you can very well do without this one! But if you are all about ‘upping the ante’ – then this brush would be a good addition to the collection. For all the professional MakeupArtists out there, circle1 will certainly help with clean crisp lip looks.

Now another big plus about Artis is how little product the brushes sweep up! A little certainly goes a long way with these brushes, creating your perfect flawless look.

The Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set is priced at 171GBP and available at Net-a-porter

Until Next Time!

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