Monday 12 September 2016

Monday 12 September 2016

Here is Why Culottes should be a must-have item in your Wardrobe!

Once upon time there was the gaucho and then came the mighty elephant legs and palazzo!Then there were skorts(lots of it)  and short pants( I lived in those, made me want to run errands all the time lol),  But the recent fashion renaissance –saw the reincarnation of this clothing item in the form of culottes.
If you are still hesitant on taking the culotte plunge and you’re sceptical whether it’s too much of high-fashion item for your wardrobe- Congratulations (as google would say- are you feeling lucky),YOU have reached the right place! We hope to break the culotte myths and make you a convert;) Read on to see why.

Not sure how to wear them?
Well, that's the fun part!For a solid coloured  culottes, you can pair it with the same coloured top – a bardot or a tank top to create a cheat’s jumpsuit! You can pair with the same coloured, loose fit blouse with wide legged culottes to create the illusion of a sundress that is unique and add some jewellery to take the outfit to the next level. If it’s a printed number that your heart is inclining towards, choose a crisp white top and some chic pieces of jewellery to elevate the look.This satin number is absolutely stunning for any glam events.

I am too short/curvy/athletic for culottes!
Aha,This is what makes culottes a killer piece for every girls wardrobe. Be it any body type, with a few insider tricks you can work culottes in your favour. Being a 5.3” (read 5.5” lol), I did a bit of playing around, and the best bet for us(the slightly shorter ones)  is to go for a  high-waist pair. With the high waist, it creates the illusion of more length, you can pair it with a crop top for a casual look or an off-shoulder number for a chic style, a nice sleeveless blouse, and a good pair of heels and you are work ready! This belted number from ASOS is absolutely fab.

If you are towards the larger/curvy side of the spectrum, opt for a nice long pair of culottes, as this will accentuate your figure whilst smartly concealing all the problematic areas. Pair it with a nice long jacket for a smart –work look.This one from Zara might be the perfect choice for you!

For the athletic ones out there, pair it with nice wide legged culottes that stops right above your ankle to create a lot of volume.This tie wait number from COS is super classy and a good reference for you!

Is it really worth it??
The answer is YES, YES, YES and YES! Very rarely, you come across a wardrobe piece that is versatile and chic at the same time! The possibilities are literally endless with a good pair of culottes. Be it a date night or a sporty casual look, you can pretty much use the pieces in your wardrobe to create looks to suit any occasion. It will be the best wardrobe decision you have made in your life, Trust me!

In this look I have paired a denim culottes from Zara(Similar one here) with a white ruffled top from H&M. It surely is a season of cheap thrills (a SIA reference :D) and some frills! H&M has embraced the frills whole-heartedly, there are plentiful frilly numbers to choose from! Be it a shirt frill or bell sleeves with frills or a crisp white top that can be beautifully paired with denim for a vintage vibe, H&M is my first choice this season for frills.

We really hope that you are inspired to embrace culottes and take the mighty plunge!

Carpe Diem!

PS: couldn't help not posting this pic:D This chap was super adorable!

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