Wednesday 25 November 2015

Molton Brown Opens in Doha!! Molton Brown Opens in Doha!!


I Hope you are having an amazing week!!

It was one of those usual trips to the mall when I first noticed the hoardings that announced the opening of the ever so famous Molton Brown in Gulf Mall Qatar! And Needless to say I was super excited! It’s one of those products you just hear so much about for all these years and having a store here is big news indeed!

And as luck would have it I was invited to the opening ceremony and got the opportunity to have a first-hand experience the beautiful product range!!

The ambience was truly infectious at the opening ceremony, the store all decked up and hampers all packed and ready for the attendees, I would say it was well organised!

I picked up the limited edition Caju and Lime from the bath range.

And lovely Orange and Bergamot nourishing hand lotion from the hand care range! It’s TLC for your hands!! I am already in love with this one.

Pink Pepperpod and Black Peppercorn were a part of the gift hamper.I was about to pick up a full size bottle of pink pepperpod, But am glad I got it as a part of the hamper.

I am looking forward to trying their home range as well! Or perhaps I’ll leave it on my Christmas list for Santa ;)

So that was a sneak peek into my Molton Brown goodies, do stay tuned for a detailed review!

All Molton brown fans out there should definitely head to gulf mall and pamper yourself with some goodiesJ.   

I would love to hear about your favourite product from the Molton Brown Range! Any suggestions on what to pick next ?? 

Until Next time!

Take care 
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Monday 23 November 2015

How to get super awesome skin  in under 55 Pounds!! How to get super awesome skin in under 55 Pounds!!

Yes yes!   We all know the three basic rules :)  Cleanse tone and Moisturize! 

Like I mentioned in my earlier post I am on a mission to salvage my skin!

So After much research these are my picks, I’ve tried to strike a good balance between quality and price!

I have a bit of a growing pore situation and after serious research I decided to give the BodyShop  SeaWeed Range a try. I am using their deep cleansing face wash and their cleanser as well.

The face wash is nice and doesn’t overly dry out your skin!  (Absolutely love that#)It's Priced at  9.50 GBP for  100 ml.

The cleanser comes in a nice and creamy texture and does a good job cleaning the skin Priced at 9.50 GBP for 200ml.

I decided to use Clearasil Deep Cleansing Toner. It’s nice and easy on the pocket priced at 3.49 GBP for 200ml and it’s nice and easy on the skin as well! A total win-win!!

I was looking for a moisturizer combined with some sun protection and Clarins hydra quench Cream SPF15 is the moisturizer I went for! J’Adore this one!

I am a stickler for non-greasy moisturizer and I am absolutely loving this one! It kept my skin nice and moist all day long!!  J !!yippee!!

The Clarins moisturiser is priced at 30GBP and it's a total investment.It's suitable for normal and dry skin.

So there you go – Cleanse tone and moisturize! If you’ve been slacking away(like me ) - just make a resolve and take good care of your skin! 

We would love to hear about the products you are  loving this autumn!What's your favorite moisturizer?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Saturday 21 November 2015

A walk in the woods- Ashridge Estate A walk in the woods- Ashridge Estate

It was a lazy uneventful weekend and that’s when we remembered about the lovely Ashridge estate!

It was almost a year since we last visited the estate and we were as much in awe and wonder of the picturesque woods.

Located on the north of  Berkhampstead,the 5000 acres of woodland( wow) just bursts into beauty at this time of the year in  lovely hues of red, yellow, orange and green. 

Fall truly has a charm of its own!

Isn't that the prettiest  cottage ever!!

It’s just the perfect place to spend your afternoon if you want to just sign out from everything digital and be with nature!

Perfect to bike around, or just walk and trek.

This week has been a bit on the rainy side which meant there were plenty of puddles (woohoo).

The temperature has been dropping( sigh) and it's dark at early o clock. To uplift my winter spirits I  got some new knits!! A girl just can never have too many knits;)


I bought a Mango Jumper- love the colour it’s gasoline green and has yellow velvet print on it!

And patchy jeans from Mango !It was love at first sight! You can find similar here!!

These rings are on reduced price at the moment! You can buy them here!!

The EPIC  Jump

This probably is the worst jump in the history of jumps(lol) but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun doing the JUMP~~ hehe! It was super-duper fun! We managed to get one perfect shot!!

Should have taken my wellies!!

I can stare at this all day long!!

After much walking in the woods We headed over to the dainty café at the estate!
We totally earned a sugary treat ;)

Yikes!!! Close your eyes if you are on a diet:|

It truly was a tough call! And we went for the divine scones and a cappuccino!

Good Bye Ashridge:) we'll be back in Spring (fingers crossed) to see the bluebells blossom!

We hope you like this post! What's your ideal weekend get away like? Have you splurged on knits this autumn? 

Until Next time! 

Take Care:)
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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Lemonade Detox! Lemonade Detox!


November is here!!( I know !!Phew time flies!!)

Confession!! Off late I have been a bit lazy with my skincare routine! My Skin is crying out for help!!

With the onset of new a month, I am all resolved to fix this! I’ve begun my lemonade routine every morning!  As we all know it’s the richest source of Vitamin C and it’s as easy as squeezing half a lemon into a glass of luke warm water! Easy Peasy Stuff!!

Even someone as lazy as me can pull that off!!(at least trying to) hehe… Just bear in mind to have your Vit C boost first thing in the morning.

It’s been a few days since I’ve started this and I must say It  definitely is a good way to kick start your day.

Let me know if this is something you've tried before.
Would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by!!

 and Take care of your lovely skin!!

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