Sunday 28 August 2016

Sunday 28 August 2016

Its Lavender time!

The otherwise sleepy town of Hitchin,jolts into a flurry of action with the onset of summer! 

Come July, with buzzing bee’s and buzz(S)tling masses, the miles and miles of majestic lavender fields turns into a hive of activities! 

Armed with mighty scissors and brown paper bags you can pluck away all the lavender to meet your heart’s deepest ‘lavender’ fancy!

The sprawling farm is an absolute feast for one’s eyes and the perfect place to spread your picnic blanket and as you conquer scone after scone, there is always the possibility for a dash of royalty, with the chance of a meet and greet with Queen B(ee) herself ;)

From calming teas to lavender infused luxe baths the options are plentiful with Freshly cut flowers! 

Be it a sensuous yoga in the most aesthetic of settings to some open air movie magic, that’s romantically charming, Yes!! the farm is bringing back the smashing Sun Down Cinema, showing some timeless classics – a visit to the farm is a guaranteed good time!

We set forth on the lavender trail, fighting the mischievous wind and a teasing sun, choosing to play a bit of hide n seek with the clouds, but the sight of what felt like infinite lavender, filled our hearts with sheer joy!
The round neck dress featured in the post is from Urban Outfitters, it’s unfortunately run out of stock! Fret not, after much e-rummage   I have managed to find a similar one from Mango – Hoorah!

It’s A dash of pink with this ASOS midi dress and this rouched number is super feminine and classy!

The mango Pleated dress is absolute diva material- it certainly seems to be the realisation of the dancing lady emoji :D !Pair it with some delicate earrings and lovely lip colour for a smashing date-night look!

Topshop is also keeping up in the race of Midi dresses, with cold shoulder numbers and tons of florals, there are plenty of choices to pick from!

We would love to hear about your summer highs this season!

A floral Midi or a dashing Maxi for you?

Any picnics this season?   

Until Next time!

Take care!


  1. So much beauty... Loving this!

  2. Sindhu:) THank you so much hun!!Hope all is well that side!

  3. Meera/Merin! I love it, absolutely love all your pics.

    1. Many thanks:) The lighting was just perfect and the field was just absolutely gorgeous!! Many thanks for stopping by!