Saturday 17 September 2016

Saturday 17 September 2016

Watch out world- Janki Prakash has arrived!

It was a dull, grey Tuesday evening!Call it Destiny or perhaps super natural forces of sorts had its play in orchestrating this rendezvous between three girls living in different parts of the world,it had to be more than sheer coincidence when they happened to be in the same city at the same time! With the newly opened no-qualms cafe chosen as the place of meet,  like a vision (and punctual to the dot) Janki appears, clad in a smart chequered blouse and pale pink culottes, paired with sassy strappy sandals, her red locks fluttered ever so slightly in the mild wind and there was no denying- she certainly stood apart! 

Janki is just  back from her month long adventure in Jakarta! She breaks into a beaming smile(the one you see on blushing brides :D)as she shares her countless awesome experiences at ESMOD, to be frank I could listen to her all day long, her passion for clothes and her tenacity is utterly  infectious and electrifying.

I had fondly known Sree all my life, my friend’s sister,a fun-loving junior at school, the ever-so compassionate Doctor at her family-run clinic, She is one of the fourth generation doctors in the family and to see her transform into this confident, vivacious diva- Janki, is surely amazing! She admits, the move from medicine to fashion was in no way an easy decision and she was so consumed by her love for fashion that any more time away from it ,felt torturous, as deep down all she thought about was clothes!

Whilst her friends worried about Pathology and Microbiology, young Sree would sketch to her hearts content, Lab manuals were gratifyingly filled with couture conceptions!  She loved to dress up and enthusiastically looked for pieces that were unique which proved to be more of a disappointing affair and she soon took to creating her own outfits.

With family and friends taking to her for style advice and persistent requests to make them outfits Sree soon realized her true-calling was in fashion! The fulfilment she got from making an outfit was second to none, it was addictive and she wanted more!

The moment of epiphany was when one of the outfits designed by her and worn by the bridesmaid at her friend’s wedding received rave reviews, they loved everything about the outfit, she gleams! Days passed after the wedding and people would still complement her for the detailing on the garment – and from then on, there was no looking back and thus the label and the diva Janki Prakash was born.

Sree adopted her mother’s second name Janki to represent the label and her. The vision is clear - she wants to create classy, comfortable couture for women! She is super sensitive when it comes to clothing for larger women and the lack of choices absolutely infuriates her! She wants to create super classy,chic clothes for all the plus sized women out there and save them from the misery of all the mundane outfit choices they often have to resign to.

She also has an eye on Men’s fashion, the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into a finely tailored suit or a crisp shirt certainly inspires her, and would love to jazz up the space. An ardent makeup-junkie herself, Janki is a self-confessed shopaholic and hoards on all bright coloured lippies and enamels and would love to add her artistic flair and put her spin on makeup and styling! In addition to planning her flagship store,She is keenly working on putting up a website as well to show case her work!  

You can  follow Janki  @jankiprakash on Instagram and @Sreelakshmi Prakash on facebook for a  glimpse into her exciting world!

And as for this post, We are absolutely thrilled to have collaborated with this gorgeous diva! With Onam festivities in full swing in Kerala, it seemed like a natural choice to go for creamy, golden hues.

Time certainly was not on our side on this one,Janki took to the challenge in Gladiator-style, at the other end of a 48 hour sleepless stretch was 3 magnificent garments, Hand sewn and hemmed to perfection! 

Artistic flair comes second nature to Janki,the ball-room worthy dress was absolute OMPHHH! It truly takes creative genius to transform an otherwise uninteresting garment   to a smashing piece! I felt like a zillion dollars and I could tirelessly twirl in it all day long :D!

As for Merin’s outfit, the finely tailored jacket from exquisite black brocade was jaw-droppingly amazing! It elevated the golden halter neck silhouette to royalty-worthy! With the ensemble, Janki strikes a fine balance between traditional and contemporary not a small feat,many renowned designers aspire to achieve what she pulls  off with absolute ease!

With the drape saree in dreamy chiffon and a dainty blouse,Janki was  Goodess personified! The infinity saree and the myriad pleats was tucked and pinned with surgical precision! With glam heels and a metal detail belt, one would suspect she’s stepped out from a fashion catalogue!

We are absolutely ecstatic to have featured this diva!

As for Janki,she is ready for the next adventure,you might find her sketching under a mighty oak somewhere in central park or perhaps one might find her  admiring the Eiffel, armed withed a coffee, croissant and her inspiration pad-one thing is certain, this diva will certainly stand out, no matter where- Watch out world- Janki Prakash has arrived!

PS : We wish you a slightly late but a very happy onam  and special thanks to celebrated photographer Anvar Zayyan for the epic pictures. This young chap is always buzzing with energy and he certainly  knows his beans! His insta feed @anvarzayan is an explosion of colour and amazing portratures! To see more of his work head to his page, Tadpol photography.


  1. Such beautiful designs .... absolutely love them ... And you gals are looking gorgeous :) Eagerly waiting for the Janki Prakash website ..

  2. Don't know how I got here. But glad to see this. Absolutely in awe with the way you write. And the designs and photos and everything in this page. :). All the best to you all.

    1. Many thanks Shilpa:) You made our day -super glad that you liked our work !! Thank you for stopping by and we absolutely loved your sketches!


  3. this is so beautifu... i love this

    1. Thank you Gazal!! I love your style too!!