Monday 2 October 2017

Monday 2 October 2017

Up Close and Personal With Zakkiya From Inkstruck Studio

Hello There,  

It has been a while and apologies are certainly in order, and I dearly hope that all is well that side of the world!

 ‘Manic’ has been the theme over the last few months and the little ones are for sure keeping me busy. Ian is having his first set of exams starting this week and oh boy! – How time flies! Nevan has been his mischievous-adventurous self and definitely getting better with his words!

I am super-psyched about this new series where we get one-on-one with some of my favourite inspirational figures in Qatar! Today we are kick starting with the much talented Zakkiya from InkStruck Studio. 

You can connect with her and Instagram handle is inkstruckstudio

First and foremost –congratulations on the big success with Ink struck studio!  There is always much colour and inspiration in every little art work and I am a big fan of your work!

From the first launch in 2014 to growing to a well-established brand – what would be the proudest moment for you in this amazing Instruck journey?

Zakkiya: Thank you for the lovely words, Merin. They mean a lot to me. There have been so many milestones along this journey that it's hard to pick just one. But if I had to, I would say that a student who took a watercolor class of mine had this dream of starting out on her own. And when she achieved that because of what she learned from my workshop, I was overjoyed. It makes my heart happy that I've made a little impact on someone's life.

Now Being the Girl Boss, I am sure there would have been challenges and many knockdowns, how do you put the bad days behind you and gear back into action?

Zakkiya: Of course. Obstacles along the way have been plenty. There have been rejections and disappointments. It used to affect me a lot earlier but then I was quick to realize that when one door closes, another one almost always opens. And a better one too! So there's always something bigger ahead and that keeps me going. 

Like the egg or chicken situation – which one comes first - Is it the idea or the colour?

Zakkiya: For me, it's a combination of both. Sometimes, it's an idea that just pops into my head and sometimes I'm inspired by a certain color scheme and the idea evolves from it. There's no particular pattern I follow and it's almost always by instinct.

What inspires you the most? Any artist you particularly relate to?

Zakkiya: The little things around me a lot. There is beauty in everything and when I see something, I tend to imagine that it could be an inspiration for future projects. I love Yao Cheng's style which is what shows through in my work too. There's Jenna Rainey of MonVoir Co. and Dawn Nicole who's been an amazing friend and mentor. I look up to her for all her tips and ideas on how to run this business.

Do you ever regret not pursuing a career in architecture?

Zakkiya: I have at times, to be honest. Especially when there have been days when I doubt myself on why I didn't get a steady desk job. But then there are other instances where I think about the freedom I get in doing what I do and realize that I've made the right decision.

Could you tell us a bit about the process behind the beautiful artwork? And is there a favourite medium?

Zakkiya: My favorite medium is watercolor. And my process is very simple. It mainly includes thinking of an idea, researching a bit about the subject and then just diving in straight on a blank paper by only using my brushes. I don't overthink and I almost never use a pencil to restrict myself. I like to go with the flow in my paintings.

We all know it’s a real struggle juggling mommyhood and a career and from the time I have known you, you’ve made it look effortlessly easy- how do you manage it like a ninja;)!

Zakkiya: Haha, that's amazing to hear. I think not talking about the bad bits! :D
On a more serious note, I have a schedule I like to follow and it revolves around my little one's schedule. When he was younger, I used to wake up earlier than him in the mornings to get work done. Since he's started school, it's been easier to focus work during school hours and then spend time with him after he comes back.
There are days when nothing gets done and I try not to get it into my head and remember that there is another day tomorrow. Plus, I have an amazing husband who supports me in every possible way.

Is art your yoga? How do you rest and unwind?

Zakkiya: I don't do art when I unwind. I like to listen to some good music or read a book when I'm relaxing. 

 A book or IPOD by the bed stand?

Zakkiya: A book all the way. I can devour books, only if I had all the time in the world.

 What do you love most about living in Qatar!

Zakkiya: The amazing people and the small community of bloggers and mompreneurs I bump into because it's not huge. And I like to walk by the Corniche when the weather is cooler.

 Well, we are certainly quizzy when it comes to make-up choices! Do you have a ‘holy-trinity’ of makeup favourites?

Zakkiya: I do love makeup but I'm terrible at it. Haha! The NARS sheer glow foundation and their illuminators are my favorite. I also love the Rimmel London Kate x range of lipsticks. I'm pretty uneducated when it comes to makeup, so I try and keep everything minimal.

I would like to thank Zakkiya for her time and It’s been an absolute pleasure and honour to have featured her on this space! Much love to you and wishing you all the very best – Rock On!


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