Monday 29 February 2016

The Ultimate Breakfast Pot! The Ultimate Breakfast Pot!

Buenos días, Amigos!

The weather has been really promising this side of the world! With longer days and loads of sunlight – spring is almost here!!Bring it on Baby,I have been shamelessly bookmarking and filling up online baskets to gear up for the season! I am so ‘ready’ to get out of my parka! With all the cold, I have been a lazy lass and much home bound, which meant I was soaking up all the award shows on the telly, cooked up, and fed my poor wintry soul-which led to the discovery of this amazing breakfast pot!

This one, I promise will be the talk of the office, you will get the ‘green eyed look’ for sure and as critics would put it ‘a well-rounded super -duper breakfast’! Dull porridge for breakfast is going to be a thing of the past!

So here you go!!

Things you need:
Milk -1 ½ cups
Blue berries
Greek Yoghurt
Dry Fruits,Seeds
Glass jars to store up

PS: I  haven’t put exact numbers ,you can go free form with the amount of fruits and nuts !

Cook the oats in some milk (alternatively you can even soak it in milk overnight).Chop the apple finely and add it to the oats and mix it with the juice of an orange and divide this equally into a few glass jars. Top it with some blue berries followed by a good layer of yogurt! Add the chopped mango and some dry fruits. I used walnuts and pumpkin seeds!

Hey, presto-it is as easy as that. You can do this the night before and leave it in the fridge! With the glass jars –it is a ‘pick me and go’ breakfast –perfect for the early morning commuters!

Are you a breakfast lover? Do you have a favorite breakfast recipe?
OR do you have eggspectations when it comes to your  breakie;)

Until Next time!  Take care and stay healthy!

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Wednesday 24 February 2016

From London with Love!! From London with Love!!

Without a shadow of doubt, West minister is one of my favorite places in London! Beyond the many steps at the West Minister station, awaits the most charming bit of the city! Be warned of selfie sticks and bustling people and get ready to be overwhelmed and to be inspired –who knows it can even  be Love at first sight-with the city winning over you!

The mighty river Thames ,cinematically popular West Minister Abbey , ‘Bond ‘ perfect BigBen, ‘Majestic’al London eye are all  fine examples of ‘timeless classy history’ meets’ feisty progress’.As I write, I realize , in a way that’s what London truly is and represents - a perfect matrimony of bygones  and contemporary and I cannot think of another befitting brand ambassador for London.

Fancy visiting her majesty’s stately home or witnessing the spectacular change of guards,You can even have a nautical affair – Jump aboard one of the many river cruises and experience the murky Thames, the same old waters that’s played witness to  maritime tales and adventures spanning decades.

With gardens galore, tunnels, nooks and cranny’s awaiting to be discovered, I Promise,you will have a good time for sure!

So here’s bringing you my Love- London! 

You can never get enough of the Postcard perfect Telephone booths and racing buses.

Almost had  an Adele moment there- ‘HELLOOOOO from the other side!!’

As for my outfit details -Loving my Tory Burch buy, it’s a perfect oak shade and goes perfectly with work wear and with detachable sling it  can double up as an evening clutch as well!

I am sporting a black corduroy skirt from Zara,  a little black skirt can open up a world of wardrobe options :)  Loving this button up skirt and checkered skirts are so timeless!This black and white one from Zara can be perfect for work!

50’s knit cardigan is a total rage at the moment! Liking the range from Boden, they come in a whole range of colors! Check out this dreamy checkered cashmere sweater from J Crew!

Roll up sweaters and turtle necks are a total must haves when it comes to winter wardrobe! Love this and this!

Are you into checkered skirts and 70’s style sweaters? We would love to hear about your wardrobe favorites this season!!

Whats your favorite place in London! 

Until Next time!

Take care

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Sunday 21 February 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons! Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons!

Finally, the much-awaited too faced chocolate palatte is here in Qatar, the 3rd in their chocolate series. I have been a huge fan of their first palette the chocolate bar one and have been waiting to get these..

When it comes to packaging, I love the way the brand uses metallic compact. It comes in a pink girly metal case, with a metallic closure same as the chocolate bar palette. The cover has self-embossed heart shapes, fits in perfectly with Valentine’s Day theme with hearts and pinks.

There are 16 shades in the palette with more shades that are neutral and a few bright colours. It is a beautiful mix of five matte shades and shimmer eye shades. The eye shadows have a smooth buttery texture, and easy to apply and blends in smoothly. When I did a swatch I was a bit worried on their lasting power, but I used the palette for the first time today and was happy with how long my eye makeup lasted. I was out the whole day and it stayed put on my eyelids until I removed it (it was on for almost 10hrs with the primer). No creasing and no fall outs too. Oh did I forget to mention that they smell chocolaty, same as the chocolate bar, it is formulated with actual cocoa powder.

L-R:Almond Truffle,Sprinkles,Molasses Chip,Malted

L-R: Cashew Chew,Cotton Candy,Cafe Au Lait,Bordeaux,Mocha,Black Currant

L-R:Dark Truffle,Pecan Praline,Totally Fetch,Earl Gery

L-R:satin sheets ,Divinity

My most favorite shades are 'Molasses chip','Malted','Bordeaux', 'Dark truffle' and 'Earl grey'. I am not sure if I can pull off 'Totally Fetch'.

 'Cashew chew' and 'Pecan Praline' is a perfect base shade. I love 'Almond truffle’ and 'Mocha' as a transition shade. In addition, for the highlighter we have 'Satin sheets' and 'Divinity'

They have included a look guide with instructions to create three different looks.

 Too faced palettes are definitely worth the buy!

Have you used the too faced palettes? What is your favorite shade? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time

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Tuesday 16 February 2016

Nailing it with some Nail Enhancements;) Nailing it with some Nail Enhancements;)

I hope up you had a splendid Valentines weekend with plentiful surprises and dreamy romantic dinners!

It was a lovely cosy stay at home romantic date night this side of the world; we cooked up a Mexican treat and with flowers and my favourite bake from Paul, my Valentine made my day extra special!

Being a mum of two notoriously naughty kids, having time to myself is more of luxury these days! Between changing diapers and dealing feisty brawls for the ipad, excessive ‘Mama-love’ or  the  ‘dramatically fussy’ days it can be a roller-coaster ride, Yes there are ‘highs’ and ever so ‘lows’ your patience will be tested ( like TESTED) and resilience stiffened!! You will discover mighty motherly emotions you never knew existed!!

As for mothers out there, to keep your sanity under check it is truly important and recommended to have some time for yourself, to do things you love! Get your hubby on babysitting duties and get out there with your girl pals, hit the mall or the café and let your hair loose and unwind!

A Nail Enhancement session was a much-needed break I was yearning for! I had been wanting one for ages and signed up for an amazing session at the ‘Glow American Salon’ here in Qatar. The one at West Bay Lagoon is really impressive, with a wide range of services and excellent customer service, I was extremely happy with my experience with them! They offer a big range of Nail Art services and from Summer Mojito Pedicures to Bahama Mama You would walk out of the store with Happy Feet for sure!

The wonder woman Niki took me on and was an absolute delight! She charmingly explained the finer details of  acrylic and gel enhancement process, as gel ones tend to be long lasting I went for them.

Starting with some buffing and cleaning, Nikki then applied the faux acrylic nails onto my nails, trimming them to desired size. I went for an almond shape and a medium length, which was not overly pointy! A little more buffing was done for the acrylic nails to blend in naturally and it renders a nice, smooth, natural look. Once we were happy with the shape, a fine coat of gel went on top of the nail, which was followed by some UV drying for about a minute or so.

The entire process took about 1.5 hours, once done it looked super smooth and most importantly super natural! You can apply any colour you like, I went for Dior Mystère ,a finely tuned oxblood shade that walks the line between cherry, plum, and merlot,it truly echoed Valentines and I also mixed it up with some Barry M diamond glitter to give a bit of finesse to the look!

With regular follow up infills the enhancements are supposed to be long lasting and is definitely worth a try!

Have you indulged in nail enhancements? 

We would love to hear the current nail shades you are obsessing about! 

Are you liking the almond shaped nails that’s currently trending?

Thanks for stopping by, Until Next time

Take care!

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Thursday 11 February 2016

Love is in the Air!! Love is in the Air!!

Crazy Stupid Love-ain’t it !

I am  a  believer and a hard-core one at that! Love means a zillion things to each of us and there is no rightful reason to not celebrate!

Even if your ‘knotted up marital’ ly ( lol) ,jovially single,  if you’ve lost your way in love, or hoping to get lost and find some –lets join in the festivities and have some fun!  

Featuring all our favorite picks this season!

LOVE Bugged or Buggered, these heavenly chocolaty treat from Marks and Spencer is just the perfect Valentine’s Day treat to tuck into!

There is no denying the power of an awesome bubble bath! Tastefully Romantic is what I would call, Chanel No5 Foaming bath!

 Dive into some luxe bubble bath this valentine’s day and indulge in some self-pampering! Get ready to be whisked away to a lovely smelling world of ylang ylang, jasmine and rose tones, who knows what the evening has in store ;) ( wink wink)

The power of beautifully candle lit room cannot be undermined ;)
Be ready for some dreamy, lovey, gazey long stares all night long with this amazing grapefruit and ginger scented candles from M&S!! The range is quite epic and alphabet candles are really classy!

Ladies, this one is all about STRATEGY!

 You can never go wrong with the timeless little black dress! Without burning my pockets, I got this one from h&M! Be it some nice chiffon, divine velvet or pretty lace ,high slits and killer heels-Black works it’s magic like a charm and can get your man swooning ;) 

Now that your smelling like a million dollars and looking like a zillion dollars!Come on- Join in the fun this season- Sharpen those cheesy one liners and embrace LOVEEEE!!

“Are you a kleptomaniac? Because you just stole my heart.” ( hehe classy cheese isn’t  it!)

Happy Loving!!

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Sunday 7 February 2016

My Current Go-to Products!! My Current Go-to Products!!

Happy Monday! I hope you had an amazing weekend!!

Sorry for going a bit ‘MIA’ on you :) I was struggling with my leg last week, it was all swollen up and a few days of total rest has made it better! Ian, my 3-year-old, was all sweet and mature about the whole thing!

‘Mama,You can hold my hands!!’ said my little brave soldier when I was struggling to walk!

It amazes me that he is growing up all fast and will be soon joining school!

Today I am featuring my current go-to makeup products, I have been using these on a daily basis. Gives me a natural look and absolutely perfect for work,party,school run etc.


As for primer, I have been a total addict to my ‘Mac Prime+Prep
Product’! Its been my favorite for a while now! It layers up beautifully on your face, blotting away excess oil and hides blemishes and forms a good base!

For my foundation ‘Nars Sheer Glow Foundation’ in Tahoe shade is divine! With a medium to buildable coverage, not only does it evens out your skin tone, but leaves it super hydrated all day long! Its said to have turmeric extracts, which improve your skins brightness, radiance and texture giving the skin a luminous glow!


I use my ‘Nars Creamy Concealer’ in caramel tone, under the eyes and to cover any blemishes and redness. It lasts a long time and crease free as well!

To set the foundation I use ‘MAC Mineralize Skin finish’ in medium dark. With a little buff of the powdered product you are  good to go! It leaves you with a lovely finish, that’s super natural!

As for highlighting and contouring I useCharlotte Tilbury’ Filmstar Bronze & Glow face sculpt and highlight. You can slim, sculpt and highlight your features with this fab product!

‘Plumfoolery’ by MAC is my favorite powder blush out there! There is a whole range of shades you can choose from! It’s a case of little goes a long way and have been using this one regularly!


Coming to eyes I always start with  my brows, I use ‘Brow whiz’ in medium brown from ABH, This ultra fine pencil gives your brows this richer fuller feel!

 For my lower lash line, I use Teddy’ eye pencil from MAC andKat Von D tatoo’ liner of the upper lash. For dramatic eye looks my all time favorite is the ‘Tamanna Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills’. I finish off my eye makeup with ‘Urban decay perversion mascara.


When it comes to lipsticks, I am not the kind of person who sticks to seasonal trends alone! Over the last few weeks I have been switching between ‘Girlactik’ matte lip paint in Posh shade with MAC soar lip liner(not pictured here) and ‘Tom Ford Negligee’ lipstick.

So that’s it folks!  We would love to hear all about your go-to products! Do you have a favorite concealer  you are obsessing about?

Until Next time! Stay Pretty and Buff up!!

Take Care!
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