Sunday 4 June 2017

iftar at Movenpick!!! iftar at Movenpick!!!

Hello There,

I hope you are doing well! It has been a splendid week this side –we have been basking in sunny goodness – and the weather is just absolutely gorgeous!  With Ramadan in Qatar, the restaurant scene is buzzing and you are literally spoiled for choice! Personally, with this iftar,I do  feel that all the restaurants has pushed out their boats and  have amped  it up a big notch!

Couple of weeks back, I was invited by Movenpick Seasons Restaurant to try their exciting Buffet menu specially crafted for Ramadan with love. Infamous for their themed Buffets and Brunches, I was thrilled to see what is in store.

Movenpick has been one of the favourite local spots, Located by the Corniche in Qatar, if you are looking for a casual –friendly dining experience it definitely is a fitting option.

The very Mediterranean influenced Buffet Menu was remarkable with plentiful picking options it ticked all the many right boxes.  

We kicked off with fattoush – bejewelled with pomegranate pearls and lovely golden crispy pita, made a solid first impression. 

baba ganoush
The baba ganoush was divinely creamy and the tahini complimented the smokiness from eggplants gorgeously. There were Kibbeh’s,Delish Spring Rolls , Roasted Eggplants,Tabbouleh’s and amazing cauliflower fritters dressed up in creamy harissa and tahini - part of the impressive spread.

roasted eggplants

spring roll



cauliflower with tahini

As for the mains,  the chicken Kabsa was divinely and finger licking good, it was perfectly spiced and flavoured and was the star of the menu!

chicken kabsa
Among the other options, the Egyptian Koushari was another favorite from the night. The national Dish of Egypt is a popular favourite. It combines lentils , chickpeas, curly macaroni and rice, topped with tomato sauce, onions and garlic! It does sound a bit absurd , but once you taste it, you will surely understand the rage!


Kuwaiti Lamb Machboos was also part of the spread, the lamb was tender and the aromatics a 10/10.

lamb machboos

And for dessert- there was Kunafa and baklava (of course) in all shapes and form.

I certainly am a sucker for a good Umm Ali , it was ever so scrumptious and utterly comforting- Just the perfect ending to an Epic menu!


umm ali

Priced at 100 QAR it certainly is good value for money and the service start from sunset and goes all the way till midnight.

So if you are looking for an Iftar outing, head to Movenpick Seasons for a night of good fun and epic food.

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