Monday 1 August 2016

Monday 1 August 2016

Summer Bonkers- The Ultimate Tropical Popsicle!

Summer is settling in (Or passing by) I haven't made up my mind on that one!

 I am an absolute sucker for all things summer! Ha,I know you have broken into a chuckle,  well ,no points to you for guessing that one :P. 
The sheer number of times  the word ‘summery’ has been  shamelessly abused in all recent posts bears testimony to my love affair with summer  ! Well in terms of stating the obvious  (no glitzy analytics needed)Yes, I(absolutely) love my summer!

I love the golden rays and the warm earth! I love the way it feels when a cold sprinkle of water greets your face on a sultry muggy day!  But most importantly – the gratification on gulping down a vibrant summery (lol) Popsicle is second to none! So in our ode to summer and to celebrate our love for popsicles –We bring you Summer Bonkers

Boring monotone popsicles are going to be a thing of history!  With our Tropical Inspired Popsicle-it’s frozen summer at your fingertips! The zingy lime and zesty orange is promised to transport you to far away beachy exotic destinations! The timid watermelon and the glorious mango is easily a match made in heaven! Together we have managed a concoction that not only elevates summer spirits  but will also surely please the 5-year-old in you (lol) -It’s an icy tropical party!

You will need Popsicle Moulds, there are plentiful options on Amazon, or you can even pick a cheap one from Ikea.

Summer Bonkers

Lemon Juice 60ml
Orange Juice 120ml
WaterMelon Juice 60ml
Mango Lassi 100ml

****My pop maker is from Ikea, the measurements are for 6 medium sized popsicles.

The measurements are approximate, Feel free to add more (or less) of each of the component based on your preference! I haven’t added any extra sugar as there is a lot of natural sugar in all the fruit juices. If you would like segregate layers, you can pour the juice into the mould and chill it in the freezer for about 20 mins till the liquid solidifies and you need to repeat the process for all the layers. If you are low on time, you can absolutely mix it all up in one shot and freeze it!I would recommend leaving it overnight in the freezer –for that all important ‘icy’ popsicle :)
So there you go, an Uber cool  Popsicle recipe to quench your summer cravings!

Until Next time!
Take care

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