Thursday 18 August 2016

Thursday 18 August 2016

Double Duty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation Review


Hope all is well that side of the world! Things have been crazy busy this side! The kids and I are having a total ball-Ian is making the most of his summer break and Nevan is recovering from a mild allergy and the three of us are enjoying being pampered (lol) back home!

Today I am featuring the Double Duty Confidence Creamy Powder Foundation from TarteI picked up a medium tan honey shade! It’s claimed to be a full coverage foundation and the 2-in-1 formula is said to cover your skin care woes and makeup needs! The creamy powder foundation is said to be packed full of  moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients! With 10 shades to pick from, they have all skin tones covered!

I’ve always had my reservations when it came to powder foundations but the seemingly good reviews drew me to the product! The Double Duty Foundation is packaged in a pretty purple pouch with a ‘Make Today Beautiful’ Etched in gold, which gives it a nice touch! There is purple sponge that comes along with the product with a rubberized surface on one side and a velvety soft surface on the other. As the sponge doesn’t fit in the compact case, the pouch is handy to pack the two together!

The creamy powder comes in a gold compact case and contains 0.39oz of product. The only negative about the packaging is all the finger prints that’s left behind once you use the product, but apart from that the size is decent for your bag and travel! There is a Double Duty Brush that’s sold as part of the range with a removable sponge on one side. The brush is priced at $34USD and if you have a good buff Brush or a blending brush you can totally give it a miss.

Now the verdict! I must say, I was a tad bit disappointed! The foundation wasn’t creamy nor moisturizing, but rendered an even smooth finish on my skin! The product can be work as a wet or dry foundation and it did not provide a full coverage as claimed! It can be perhaps be used as sheer foundation or you can build up additional layers for all the spots and blemishes! 

If you are looking for better coverage, then I would recommend using the product on top of your liquid foundation/BB cream. The creamy powder is light and perfect for summer to keep that shine and oil at bay, and with summer at its peak, I have been reaching out to this product more frequently. I have a combination- oily skin and this doesn't require touch up. I really love the way it feels on my skin. The sheen gives your skin a nice glow and brightens up your face and conceals pores.

I found it a bit challenging to work with the sponge and my Morphe E1 brush made the process much easier! You can buy the product directly from the tarte site or from ulta. The product is priced at $35 USD. If you are interested to check out the brush in the Double Duty Range click here.

Even though Tarte Double Duty Confidence Creamy Powder foundation doesn’t live up to their creamy/moisturizing promises, I would still give this a thumbs up as this looks pretty good on my skin.

Have you used the Double Duty Cream Powder? What’s your verdict?

Do you have a summer favorite foundation ?

We would love to hear about your thoughts on the product!

Until next time!

Take care!

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