Monday 19 December 2016

Monday 19 December 2016

The Divinely Delicious No Bake Fruit Flan!


No Bake Fruit Flan

With joyous Christmas just around the corner, we bring you the lazy Chef’s Ultimate Dream come true-The Divinely Delicious No Bake Fruit Flan!

 With little or no effort( wink wink)  and some very-berry razzle dazzle you are done and dusted and out of the KITCH!!This is such a crowd pleasing number,that will leave the gang wanting for more!  Read on for the supremely easy recipe!

No Bake Fruit Flan
All that you need  is  some biscuits and some jolly good Christmas tunes.

The Divinely Delicious No Bake Fruit Flan!
Serves 6

150 gm Raspberry
50 gms cranberry
250 Ml Whipping Cream /Extra Thick Brandy Cream
100gms Milk Biscuits
150 gms digestive biscuits
50 gms of Unsalted butter
Tart tins or even a large bowl should work

No Bake Fruit Flan

No Bake Fruit Flan


·        In a large food processor ,finely grind the milk biscuits and the digestive biscuits. 

     Move the biscuity powder to a large mixing bowl and slowly mix in the butter till you have a pliable –almost sand like mix. The consistency you are looking for is a slightly wet powder that will  hold its shape when you hold the mix in the palm of your hand.

·        Now line the utensil of your choice, with the  mix, you need to pack it nicely so that it will hold its form when you cut into it.

·        Once done, place it in the fridge for about 15-20 mins to help the casing to cool down and set.

·        Now you can whip up some cream or use some delicious brandy cream , it’s the season of indulgence after all;)  to line the tart cases.

·        Top it with the fresh berries and Ta-dah  your dessert is done!

Fruit Flan

Until next time,

PS: As I went for Brandy cream it was already sweetened, you can add some granulated sugar if  you choose to use whipping Cream instead. Another easily available option is  the good old Custard,It works really well with the biscuity crust.

Fruit Flan

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