Saturday 10 December 2016

Saturday 10 December 2016

Oia and the Magnificent Yellow Dress!

Like many of you, My heart and summer-loving soul is deeply yearning for some divine gleaming golden hues, with   incessant rain, blow-me-away winds and with much winter chills, the weather situation has been pretty murky here in London !  

Hold tight, Now, I have just the perfect trick up my sleeve ;) to sort the deepest winter blues! Ha!

Get ready to bask in the most unadulterated sunny rays, immerse in the sultry-ness of the Aegean waters, and absorb the amazing –breath-taking panoramic views of Oia.

Yes, it is a delightful summer party-Woot Woot!

 Belinda Carlisle, was absolutely right about Heaven Being a place on earth, Of course, It was Oia, she had in mind ;) .

With cobbled windy streets and myriad white cottages with rickety- Blue Panes,the rusty church bells with picturesque domes  and  delightful bursts of Pink bougainvillea- and spectacular sunset views- Oia is truly magical and one of its kind!

And the magnificent yellow Dress!

Ladies, let’s take a moment to appreciate the exquisite dress!

Yep – its 200% magnificent!

This little burst of sunshine was packed with a lot of love and much thought and travelled miles from far, from a very dear friend and a MakeupSOS favourite-designer Janki Prakash!

And in truest of Janki’s ways, it was yet another stunning design from the Label! With immaculate drapery, the soft shimmery silhouette encompassed me with absolute ease, swayed and revelled in the light beautiful breeze of Oia and  with flying locks – it did have a bit of Bollywood Production flair to it :D!

When other designers would brush off a mundane monotone option, Janki begged to differ. The colour picked out with bullseye perfection, The yellow was an absolute jubilation and enlivened the picturesque scenery with ease.I truly felt like a Greek Goddess of some sorts :D ! 

Fashion truly champions being fearless and exploring beyond the familiar.  And at the other end, beyond the comfort and warmth of familiarity is creative freedom and genius-ness! 

And our young Janki, is daringly adventurous and charmingly dauntless, quite easily established with the amazing criss-cross back detailing Janki gave to the outfit, Even the littlest aspect, thoughtfully realized.

Gladiator sandals seemed much suited for the opulent outfit and some delicate layered jewellery added, to finish the look!

In  a recent Interview the much renowned actor Sarah Paulson was quoted  saying,‘‘Let your freak flag fly!.....let yourself be..YOUSELF.There is only one you in the world..Let her out” and your flag is flying ever so high Janki, it’s amazing to see you evolve and we are truly proud of you!

I can easily go on and on and cite a million reasons for loving the dress and as for you Janki :) You are truly INCREDIBLE and I am filled with gratitude  and much love and really (like really) Can’t thank you enough for the best outfit I have ever owned!

And to stay-all-tuned-and-all- updated on this diva’s exciting affairs follow her along at  @jankiprakash on Instagram and @Sreelakshmi Prakash on FaceBook.

I was particularly drawn, to a recent Janki Prakash pic on social media, the immense joy on her face perfecting her artistry was absolutely priceless, you certainly know true love when you see it ;)

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