Sunday 17 July 2016

Sunday 17 July 2016

Twirling around Kensington

My love for sugary delights and green gardens are quite astronomical.

Be it a naughty custard filled doughnut or a hearty cheesecake coax, you’ll win my vote for sure if it involves a dusting of cocoa and crème!
Kensington is quite epic! With fine stores to shop till you drop  and  café’s and  brasseries enticing you no matter where you look and not to mention the Instagram perfect looking  vintage cars parked outside the beautiful streets –it’s got all the scoop for  a perfect Saturday evening!

It would be rather unfair if I didn’t mention the weather situation this weekend! After weeks of what felt like a ‘missed-out’ summer this year, temperatures soared and it finally feels like summer has arrived! It was hot, breezy and humid and Of course,I loved it!!

And yes my love for sugary delights and green gardens took me to Kensington!

the Chairs!!!


As you cautiously avert the pokemon-go’ers and you walk past the high street you will get a whiff of freshly baked cakes! Like the Pied Piper – The Primrose Bakery beckoned, with their finest ‘Red velvet cupcakes’ and ‘melting moments’, Staying true to their name, they had a 100% success rate when it came to melting my inner resolve!

Vanilla cupcake with Lemon frosting on top

Red Velvety Goodness

You can tuck into their earl grey mini cupcake delight- in the quaintest of settings! Everything about the bakery is tastefully done! From beautifully picked out flowers to the pastel seats, there is a lot of detailing –a lot of Love! They left an indelible impression in my heart.

The thing is, I have been to the Louvre. I have seen the infamous Mona Lisa smile, only to leave me unscathed, but Primrose, I tell you, is pure poetry! They almost had me browsing on  Rightmove and had me thinking of the immense possibilities if they were my local baker!

With a beaming smile and a massive sugar rush ( lol) we headed off to the sprawling gardens. On the loaned Barclay bikes we did some serious pedalling action to burn off the calorie guilt! 

The Kensington Palace

The gardens are perfect for a picnic! Throw a Frisbee, play hide-n-seek with the squirrels or witness the clash of titans –it’s official (lol) the war between ducks and swans! You can even resign under the shade of a mighty tree and just sit back and relax and do some people watching or just sip some iced tea and enjoy a nice read!

Can you see me? I am trying to Blend in!!

The midi skirt was a bargain buy this sale season from Zara! 
It’s a definite  must- have for your summer wardrobe along with a crew tshirt! I am loving this striped one and this  solid coloured one with smoke-work detailing has a nice touch to it!

Uniqlo is my new found love when it comes to t-shirts! Be it a good polo or a fine cashmere sweater, they have a wide range when it comes to colours and they are reasonably priced! This dinosaur pocket t from asos is definitely cute and the knot detail T has a lot of character!

It’s all about white trainers off late and I certainly love a good bargain! There are some great trainers and plimsolls  that are really cheap but look super classy! I would definitely recommend Pull and Bear! Esp. this and this one with the patch affect screams fun! The one I am wearing in the post, is a NewLook leather look alike one from ASOS and at 13 pounds it is a total winner! Here is another good one from ASOS.

So that’s a weekend wrap folks! We hope you had a smashing weekend as well! 

How is the weather situation that side? 

Are you a midi skirt  person?  Any smashing buys this sale season? 

We absolutely love it ,when you get in touch with us!

Until Next time!

Take care!

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