Thursday 7 July 2016

Thursday 7 July 2016

June-O- June!

June has come and gone at lightening speeds! It wasn’t pinkest of health this side of the world.The Qatar house hold was hit by ailments all month long and there were plentiful dreaded visits to the GP.

With recovered health and spirits, I am super delighted to bring you my top picks for June!

Adidas Originals Superstar Trainers!
I have been eyeing these for some time. And as (tough) luck would have it my shoe size remained unavailable in all of Qatar for a very long time! Finally, I managed to get hold of these from ASOS- LOVE THEM! It has grown to be my go-to shoes- it’s so amazingly comfortable and effortlessly chic!

Body Shop Piñata Colada Shower Gel
Dearest BodyShop,You had me at Piñata Colada( LOL) , this is summer in a bottle- Absolutely divine! Smother some of the awesomeness onto your skin and you have your free ticket to the tropics!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Matte 207 Le Fuchsia
You need to have a splash of pink this season! The YSL Rouge PurCouture Matte is AMAZING! With moisturizing  jojoba and a glossy,smooth velvety finish, this lipstick,I promise will soon be your favorite. With very little transferring I easily get a good 5 hours every time I use it!
Ladies I warn you, there is no looking back once you experience this glorious product!

Inglot AMC 77 Gel Eyeliner
I am quite late to the INGLOT party! I was impressed with all the reviews out there and decided to give it a go! This is hands down , one of the best eye liners I have  used till date. With a lovely creamy texture, this product is perfect for all the  dramatic ‘cat eye’ looks!

Zoeva 317  WingLiner brush

My love for Zoeva brushes is no sercret! The brand is epic and their brushes are smashing! The WingLiner Brush from Zoeva wins my top vote this month and makes it to my exclusive hand-picked June Fav’s selection party! With Fine Bristles and an angled tip you can achieve winged looks with artistic perfection!

So there you, My Top picks to celebrate fabulous June!  

How has June been that side of the world?

Fuchsia or Coral – which one would you pick!

Any new found loves??

We absolutely love it when we hear from you! 

Until Next time!

Stay Beautiful!

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