Friday 1 July 2016

Friday 1 July 2016


Much like the magical world that Alice discovered at the end of the rabbit tunnel, the other end of Northern Line is a whimsical world called Camden! You will find Mad Hatters, several ‘DRINK ME(read spirited drinks to elate your spirit;) )  and Plentiful ‘EAT ME’ opportunities- with food from ‘far away and exotic locations ,Camden is an unconventional artistic haven that’s delightfully inspiring! 

The Tea Party!!

With kaleidoscopic colours in all directions and eclectic bric-a-brac, the place explodes with creative ingenuity and leaves me amazed every time I pay a visit! 
Some serious Lighting GOALS!!

From antique cameras to vintage clothing, vinyl records to skilfully created trinkets –there is probably a gazillion things to be discovered in Camden!


 You can chill by the lock or get lost in the amazing intricate maze-like stable market and find yourself in total awe as you stumble upon mindboggling graffiti- Yes, You have guessed it right – my love for Camden is quite Epic!


So as we hustle our way amongst the bustling crowd on ‘an almost sunny’ Saturday afternoon, the newly bought ‘exciting’ jacket felt like an apt choice! The patch design and intricate embroidery was love at first sight and screamed summer and boho!

I must confess- I had casually resigned to the comfort of mundane monotones when it came to outerwear, if camouflaging into a flock  of crowd was considered fashionable, I had mastered it quite well and my newly bought jacket with a million stories to tell was quite the opposite end of the spectrum!

After much online window shopping   research, my top vote goes to this
and  this one.

Love the colours and the mirror work detailing on this one and this waist coat is super chic.

I paired it with a boyfriend jeans ,lace up body suit from zara ( similar here ) and my western detail belt (oh yes, I am so totally hooked onto it).

These sky blue mommy jeans and this tie-dye boyfriend jeans is definitely worth checking out!

Crochet  has been trending this summer , absolutely loving this one!! And if body suits are not your thing –why not go for a cami top instead.

I am pretty psyched about my silver woven shoes from ASOS.

ASOS is totally smashing it out of the park with their shoe styles- like this one and this one and this cross strap one is quite glam!

 I have been eyeing some golden shoes as well- have you bookmarked any? Are you hoarding on prints this season? Or are you more of the breezy summery whites person?

Until Next time!
Take care

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