Thursday 9 June 2016

Thursday 9 June 2016

A Gem called Palomar!!

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of theatre centre in London, Soho plays host to one of the well-kept secrets amongst ardent food lovers! It is a production of the finest kind- With chessy 80’s music and cheery bar stuff- you are promised to have a night to remember!

If the quality of food travels via the medium of word of mouth (and across borders in this case), it surely is proof to the excellent work the crew’s been doing and Palomar is your ‘Exhibit A’ to this theory!

In a cosy little corner on Rupert Street, W1D 6DN is a magical world of Israeli cuisine! Be warned, there is a 2-month wait to get a reservation, but if you are willing to use your charm and steely determination you might be in luck and  you can sneak your way to the later hours in the evening ! Beg, Borrow or Steal no matter what you do – it surely is going to be worth it!

We got settled in the Kitchen Bar area and I would totally recommend the same, with ever so charming staff one must not miss the opportunity to witness the spectacle unfold as the chef’s put up a total performance whilst cooking up the meal of a life time!

With sharing-platter style menu, we ordered a few from each of the Section, and if you are feeling  a bit unsure get hold of the lovely bartender for some top notch menu-advise!

Starting with some freshly baked Kubaneh served with tahini and grated tomatoes, its proper comfort food with class! It was almost like  breaking into baked clouds, amazingly soft and delectably buttery.

We then tucked into Beetroot Carpaccio with burnt goat's cheese, hazelnut brittle, lentil tuile & pomegranate molasses vinaigrette. YUM ! YUM and YUM! We quite literally wiped the plate clean and did not leave even a speck  for the dishwasher!

Their drinks menu is as exciting as their food menu- from Drunken Botanist to Hibiscus Cooler there is plenty to choose from.

 Or even better ,you can ask the fancy bar man to shake up a custom concoction.


Culinary world is seeing a massive ‘deconstruction’ revolution and Shakshukit is a fresh savoury deconstructed version of the classic Kebab- Now that’s quite a ballsy move! With Minced Meat, yoghurt, tahini served with some rustic Yaeli’s Pita, it is both comforting and quite upper class on the gastronomic scale! It takes some serious talent to pull that off!

If the many-legged Octo doesn’t intimidate you, I would absolutely recommend the Octo-hummous served in a bed of chickpea msabacha & cherry tomato confit!

Finally, it was the  beautifully plated Palomar Special -Fish of the day in gorgeous moroccon gravy and some bread!

We decided it was desert time and settled for the Jerusalem Mess – with much raving reviews it was an easy decision made! It was a live version of the numerous ‘out –of- the- world amazing looking’ desserts you see on the telly!

 Labneh mousse. 
Almond crumble. 
Lemon cream. 
Elderflower & apple jelly & fresh sorrel!

I rest my case!
(Lol) I mean it is the kind of desert you would see on A MasterChef finale-it was heaven on a plate!

And for dessert number 2 , we went for Chocolate Crémeux earl grey infused crémeux, blood orange, milk streusel, cardamom marshmallow & coco-hazelnut tuile ! Once again, it was all magical!

And we had El Diablo Loco for the road( or more aptly the tube :D )!

So head to Palomar for some mind blowing Israeli cuisine, amazing company of the charming crew and some spectacular tacky tunes to sing along all night- you are guaranteed to have an epic experience!

Until Next Time

Take care

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