Monday 13 June 2016

Monday 13 June 2016

A Tryst with History!

In the (pretty)vale of Aylesbury, stands tall- one of the most beautiful chateau Southern England has seen !

With Plentiful fountains, sprawling green acres  and not to mention majestic art work and exquisite ceramic galleria that adorn the mansion- hours go by so easily as you are marveled by  the ornate walls at the Waddesdon Manor.

The manor bursts into life during summer and it is an ideal getaway if your heart is yearning for some  tranquility in a picturesque setting!

There’s about a 'million and one' things to do at the manor- From impromptu picnics to exploring the many gardens,Put on your fine hat and join for some posh English tea and finest scones or hum along with birds at the magnificent aviary or you can just break away into your book bubble under the shade of a mighty oak-now that’s quite Romantic!

Call it opulent or even a flamboyant- but there is no denying that Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild was a man of style and had a keen eye for detail!

A summer dress felt like an obvious option to keep up with vitornianesqueness of the mansion and to pay due respect to  the summery sun-The weather has surely kept us all on our toes this season!

I picked up this twirl-worthy dress from Banana Republic! If you have a smaller figure, I would recommend the Petite size! If you style it wisely, the dress is quite versatile! Pair it with some killer earrings and its transformed to an occasion wear and play it simple for a smart-work look!

Banana Republic has surely embraced the summer spirit and there are some  great pieces to pick from this season,  I absolutely loved this Ombre green One  and this strappy floral piece is currently on sale(go go go )

This Back Floral Midi is low on stock but super classy

And in love with this one ( retro and summery) and this one is a Maxi lover’s dream come true its total sasssssss!

I paired my dress with a wide nude belt  from BR. Loving this suede one !!

Mules and slide on’s……….

One minute pause!

That was me falling head over heels over these shoes- the wardrobe possibilities are quite endless  it can amp up even the most boring blue jean white shirt look to like electrifying!
Trust me –its worth the buy !

Aldo has come out with some ‘slam and dunk’ shoe styles !

These mules from Zara  will surely haunt you in your dreams( in the best way of course lol)

Are you twirling away in summer sun already? If there was a shoe-off between  Mules and gladiators which side would you pick! Tell us all about the summer  pieces you are loving this season!

Until Next time!

Take care

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  1. Beautiful dress girl and shoes of course!