Tuesday 31 May 2016

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Hello Sunshine!

The weatherman on BBC predicted-Thunder, Lightning, Incessant drizzly rain and blow-me-away winds (lol), well he surely got it right this time! That does not stop me from dreaming up the endless (wardrobe) possibilities for Summery Goodness!

From studded denim to floral whites and blues, the options are plentiful to suit your summer fantasies! Off shoulder, styles are making a cult statement this season and Khaki shirt dresses are a total must to take sassiness up a notch!

Zara has been outstanding with their summer style! I am on a self-imposed restraint (lol) from going to their site, with such amazing pieces I am quite tempted to buy them all!

In this post I am pairing  a white off shoulder top with black culottes from Zara.

This polka prints are super cute and the striped  top is super summer befitting

Just because i love this bag!!

Denim +Ruffles+Offshoulder ( Like Whoaaah) –Now that quite literally checks all summer check boxes

The newlookBardot is super-money super market.

Off late I becoming quite the culottes-addict, Pair it with a nice blouse and you are ‘office ready’, with a t-shirt and converse and  you are ‘weekend ready’- That is effortless chic and makes a convincing argument for the big buy that promises to make a sartorial statement.

Be it tiewaist or fish bone prints, There are some brilliant pieces out there!

 Tie-Up Shoes- It’s the greatest shoe invention( like ever)  if you are looking out for these my recommendation is ASOS, They have some amazing styles like this Nude Blocked Heels or these 'promised' to be super comfy suede ones.

This  Aldo one is a total bargain,its perfect for both work and the casual outings, My favourite is probably this one.

Some classy drama by the Hamleys man!

Have you been eyeing any particular summer styles? We would love to hear about your proudest summer buys!

Until Next time

Take Care!

PS: Don’t forget the wayfarers and the sunscreen!

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