Monday 2 May 2016

Monday 2 May 2016

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review


I hope you are doing well!! The boys have been keeping me on my toes (quite , I have been busy as a bumble bee this side of the world! Ian loves school, which is of course a happy thing and two of us are getting settled with the whole school run! Gangster Nevan has been pulling out all sorts of pranks, his favourite pass time being winding up his elder brother, who gets all worked up and as you can imagine-that scenario doesn’t really go down quite well!On the weather frontier, Qatar is embracing mighty summer-the daily high can easily go upto40Deg cel(Sigh).

As promised in my earlier colour pop post, today I am featuring (drum roll) the epic Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks.  I had picked up the lovely Tulle, More Better,Bad Habbit and Chilli Chilli from their range of Matte shades.

tulle,more better,scrooge,bad habbit and chilly chili
Tulle is a dark, neutral to plum shade with a reddish finish. It glides away dreamily making it super easy to apply sans any streaks! I got a good 5 hours without any transfer, but I must say after a quick cup of coffee,I did see a slight fade in colour, especially in the middle section of my lips. A quick touch up sorted the situation. My lips felt a bit dried but it wasn’t overly bothering.

More Better is a dark berry red shade, with a non-opaque matte finish.I was least impressed by this one. With over drying and big time fading after a quick snack it is probably a ‘Matte Nightmare’ in spite of applying after properly prepping my lips. It seemed to break down more after a meal or a drink than the other shades.

Scrooge is described as rich rosy pink, it is a deep raspberry shade with pink undertones drying to a matte finish. It applied smoothly and evenly. With more than 6 hour lasting and very little fading, taking into consideration all the hogging that goes along with a dinner party, this was definitely impressive.It stayed on quite strong and bold till the time I got home!

Well, some Bad Habbits are definitely worthy of acquiring( wink wink) ,described as a dusty mauve pink shade, I would call it more of a medium-dark pinky plum with cool undertones and a semi-matte finish. With Rich, opaque colour payoff and thin, liquidy consistency it was easy to apply and gave even coverage.This one never fully dried down and didn’t go Matte fully. It wore on me  for a about 6 hours with fading.

tulle,more better,scrooge,bad habbit and chilly chili

Chilly Chili described as a muted plummy brown it’s a gentle dark brown with hints of rose and warmth. It had a semi-matte finish due to the formula and not overly drying.The colour coverage was intense and it was a case of a little went a long way! The colour lasted a good 6 hours with very little fading.

The packaging was exquisite and it is attractively Priced at $6 USD (I know whoaaah) it’s definitely worth a try. With plentiful shades to pick from ,See more hereYou will surely find at least a wild shade or two to suit your fancy!

Have you tried the ColourPop Ultra Matte range? Would you like the corals or the bright greens- we would love to hear all about your Matte stories.

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