Monday 25 April 2016

Monday 25 April 2016

The One Pot Wonder- Ultimate Prawny Pasta!

When it comes to cooking, there is an innate sense of laziness I resign to. The one dish lesser to wash up or the 5 minute sooner the  cooking is done or even quarter of  an onion lesser I need to chop up, all sounds  delightfully thrilling  especially when time is of essence on a weekday cooking drill.

Being the extremely optimistic (lazy) Chef I have grown to be, I have discovered some super-easy to cook weekday wonder recipes! This one is an all-time favorite of mine –The (Ultimate) Prawny Pasta!

With minimal ingredients, you will be elevated to food heaven with this one. The magic of the recipe is that, it even converted ‘non-prawn lovers’ to ardent ‘prawn lovers’!  

Cooking time 20 mins 
Serves: 4

Prawns -180 grams
Chilli Paste -1 tbsp.
Tomato Paste: 3 tbsp.
Fish stock: 1 stock pot
Paprika -1 tbsp.
One white Onion
Olive Oil -3 tbsp
Few cloves of garlic
Salt to taste
White vine (optional)
Cream -3 tbsp
Water -1 cup

Finely chop the onions and crush the garlic till it’s nice and fine,i used a whole garlic(this can be adjusted based on your preference) alternatively you can also use garlic paste. 

Pour the olive oil onto a pan and once it is hot add the onions and crushed garlic, sauté until the onions are translucent.

Add the tomato puree, chilli puree, paprika, and sauté for a few minutes, until the bright red colour turns to a mild brown colour. At this point, you can add the stockpot, add some water and the prawns, and allow the mix to simmer for a while.

 Once it is reduced and the prawns is tender, you can add a nice glug of white vine and let it cook for another 5-8 mins.

Finally, in goes the cream to the mix, allow it to go warm but make sure it does not boil. Add salt to season and top it with some freshly chopped parsley.

Whilst the pot is bubbling away, you can even toast some garlic bread with parsley. Some tender  greens of spinach and rockets, with a light lemon dressing goes beautifully well with the dish.

As for the pasta, I usually follow the package instructions to the ‘T’, once the pasta is done, Smother it with this amazing ‘prawny’ sauce! If you can get hold of some whole prawns you can pan fry them in some melted butter and paprika and if you are really in the mood for some indulgence a good shave of Parmesan can totally make the dish epic.

 In under 20 mins, your weekday dinner is ready! With as little as one pan to wash up, minimal chopping, and very little faffing around-it is a total winner!

We would love to hear about your cheat’s dinner recipes! Do you enjoy the weekday cooking drill or would you rather cook up over the weekend!

Until Next time!

Take care!

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