Tuesday 12 April 2016

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Say Hello to myUS.com

Hope all is well that side of the world! As promised in my previous post, I am bringing you my 'hacky' way to getting things delivered all the way from US to your post box. As the saying goes, dire necessity and desperation paved way to me discovering this amazing site! It was one of those ritualistic buys from Urban Decay when I was re-directed to their website and Ladies, I have never looked back since then!

At the other side of the hassle free sign up process, awaits your custom mailbox and bespoke address that gives you the license to shop away! Even some of the popular brands do not ship outside of US and having lived in India and now in Qatar, shipping arrangements has always been a pain!

They have partnered with a lot of retailers and on setting up your account you can get hold of the full list that includes the likes of MAC , Amazon,UrbanDecay, ColourPop, GAP et al.

As for  the membership, they offer three different packages to suit
 your requirements- Basic, Premium and Premium+Mail. All three includes a onetime registration fee.

The Basic plan has an annual fee, with 5 days of storage offered as part of the plan. This will be ideal for the occasional once in while buys.

For all the regular ardent shoppers out there, with 30days of storage -Premium and Premium+Mail Plans might be the more financially viable option. These schemes have monthly-based subscription charges.

They also offer Personal Shopper service, with a slim processing fee, under this service on sharing  details of your product or the product number with myUS.com they will do the purchase on your behalf and  handle the pickup and manage the payment transaction in the mandated way as requested by the retailer.

With notifications to your mailbox at every stage of the shipment, you can have your peace of mind! Once your shipment reaches myUS.com ,they will upload a picture of the order  and at that point  you can either enter the approx. value of goods either manually or send across screenshots of your products and they will do the calculations for you. Once this is reviewed another notification will be sent out confirming dispatch of your package from their hub.

For the cross-country delivery, you have five couriers to choose from or alternatively you can choose the least expensive method and US.com will do the math for you and get you the cheapest option. My package was delivered in less than 10 days and I did incur a tiny duty fee of 10QAR.

Considering the drama and anxiety involved in a cross Atlantic parcel delivery, myUS.com totally makes it an easy and much joyful experience! Having my fair share of bad correspondence and crappy  customer service with several popular courier services, myUS.com is a breath of fresh air. Its reliable, consistent and most importantly its great service that is reasonably priced!

Sign up for US.com over here

With more hauls and finds coming on this space- Until Next time!

Take care and Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi. ada satu lagi lamn web yang offer service sama tapi harga yang lebih murah. viabox.com. kos penghantaran ke negara-negara di asia cuma sebanyak 10 dollar dan tiada yuran pendaftaran dan yuran keahlian. sila semak senarai harag di laman web ini viabox.com.

    1. Hello Hazirah,
      Many thanks for the recommendation,I will surely give it a try!
      Thank you for stopping by!