Saturday 19 March 2016

Saturday 19 March 2016

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour Review

Hey Hey Hey :) 

Hope things are awesome that side of the world! I have been a bit absent from this space, it’s been duly noted and rest assured I am back with a bang!

It was one of the ‘down in the dumps’ week, with things not going the right way -but I am glad to have bounced back!

The boys are doing well, from beginning to walk, little Nevan has graduated to becoming a little gangster of mine; It is a thing of delight to watch him chase his big brother around the house!

As for today’s post, I am supper psyched about my latest buy –the recently launched MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour!  

Ladies, I tell you – MAC has taken Matte to a completely new level with this product! I was so blown away  by these when I tried them at the store that I came back with 5 as a safe measure, just in case they  got all sold out!(lol)

The range comprises of 15 shades in total. Its priced at 20$ for 5 ml / 0.17 US fl oz.

The ones I picked up are:
To Matte with Love--a bright raspberry
Dance with Me- deep cranberry red
Rich and Restless-- mid tone pink (Almost salmon pink)
Back in Vogue-- a peachy nude

Lady be good--mid tone nude

They come in a very cute lip-gloss tube, the caps replicating the MAC lipstick caps. The applicator is petal shaped and has small pockets on either side to pick up enough product. The wide design of the applicator helps you to apply the product nice and smoothly and gives you good coverage as well!

To Matte with Love,Dance with Me,Rich and Restless,Back in Vogue, Lady be Good

As for the formula, they have a slightly viscous consistency and depending on the shade, they can be opaque or slightly patchy. The pigmentation is quite impressive. I love the way they apply, but it can make your lips feel a tad bit dry , I wasn’t overly bothered by that. One coat of this and you are good to go, I applied an extra layer for a long lasting finish. The only challenge I had was that I found it difficult to smoothen out the edges with the second layer, it might be because they tend to dry out real fast.

I got a good 9 hours with this, yes; you heard it right- 9 HOURS. I wore it on my birthday outing which included much coffee drinking and heavy hogging! The lippie stayed put pretty much the whole day with very little transferring and fading! 

These are available online and in stores.

Here is a pic from my birthday, I mixed To matte with love and Rich n Restless (Kindly pardon the picture clarity as it was taken on my phone)

As for my final verdict-MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colour is yet another epic product from MAC and you should try it for sure!

We would love to hear about your favourite Matte lippies. Do you have any recent Matte(Or MAC)  obsessions.

Until Next time!

Take care!

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