Wednesday 30 March 2016

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Davidoff Cool Water Tender Sea Rose - Review


I hope you had an amazing Easter Weekend! With soaring sunshine and passing clouds, weather has been a delight this side of the world. Easter egg hunts and trips to the mall has kept the boys busy. Nevan seems to be growing into a young charmer, with sly smiles and coaxing looks, he has found his way with the ladies ;)

As for today's post,I would like to bring you my new found love, Tender Sea Rose Eau de Toilette for women by Davidoff.  It was an impulsive buy at the duty shop during one of my travels and I have been addicted to this amazing perfume. Formulated by Nathalie Lorson, it is said to be an extension of the classic Cool water fragrance for women.

With  sensual notes its delightful and not overly sweet smelling. It is a mix of grapefruit, jasmine and rose and  musk imparting the sensuality. I tend to shy away from Jasmine and rose notes when it comes to my perfume and I feel the jasmine and rosy notes are well concealed behind the top note of grape fruit  and base note of musk,this balances out the overall fragrance. I picked up a 30ml bottle as I had my fair share or apprehension about this, but with more than satisfactory results, I totally see myself going back to a bigger a bottle!

The Tender Sea Rose Eau de Toilette comes in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml sized bottles; you can pick it up from your local Superdrug store or buy it online from amazon!

Staying true to Davidoff style, Tender rose comes in a transparent flask shaped bottle in lovely pink packaging and the perfume itself has a beautiful pale pink shade. The 30ml bottle is quite handy and perfectly sized for the handbag!

I tend to apply my perfume on sides of the neck, folds of hands and wrist and surprisingly it lasted a good 7-8 hours.

For all the ardent jasmine detesters out there, I would say –try this perfume and you might be surprised by the results!
WE would love to hear all about your ‘go-to’  fragrance! Are you the daring one or are you more of the stringent ‘one perfume all my life’ sort of person!

Until Next time!
Take care!

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