Wednesday 23 March 2016

Wednesday 23 March 2016

For the love of spring colors, Flared Jeans and rickety white bridges

Spring is (almost) here they say, with wall-to-wall sunshine predictions day in and out and much forgiving temperatures at night-it surely feels like  the darkest of days is now over!!

Celebrating bursting buds, blooms and homecoming birds this season –I had to indulge in a spring-inspired jumper! Between the compelling bright yellow and flamboyant flouncy sleeves-my faint heart just could not resist the temptation, I gave in, and it has been one of my proudest buys this season! The lovely marl knit comes in two refreshing colours , a happy pink and a lemony yellow, perfect for your spring wardrobe. Mine is from H&M and  I am loving this one from Free People.

An  important life lesson after years of obsession with my wardrobe- I have picked up is You never throw your Old Jeans! Be it torn,ripped,faded from 'almost living in those  day after day'-Ladies –Do not(ever) bid farewell  to that good old pair of jeans-You never know when it’s going to be in Vogue!

ta Dah- Here’s my all time favorite Levis Boot cut Diva jeans making a comeback! Almost 6 years now ,It fits like a charm and I couldn’t have been happier (WOOT WOOT) . 

You know that feeling when you  have an emotional attachment to a piece of clothing in your wardrobe-it can be the odd scarf the bestie  gave or the  embarrassing stripes that was so comfortable that you wore it literally “everywhere”. And Like a picture, when you unexpectedly dig out this forgotten piece of garment, it floods you with a world of memories and feelings that’s woven deep into it! As for my diva jeans , I still remember the  time I first  tried it  on,with much eager,fascinated by the lovely silver tab and charmed by the perfect shade of blue.

 My sister had got them for me (there is no denying the perks of  having an older earning sibling;) )and it felt so damn amazing - like I was on top of the world( lol) .Today I am super  grateful to her not just for buying me the most awesome  jeans ever but also for giving me this amazing memory that's going to last well beyond the lifetime of my diva jeans!

Now Back to the outfit details ;) 
Leather belts with western detail is making a comeback this season, I got mine from Top shop. Loving the double buckled ones like this one –it can totally jazz up the blue jean-white shirt look! This cognac colored one from Vero Moda is worth checking out!

Saddle Bag from Top Shop and the statement necklace from forever21 are my current favorites and have been on a repeat mode ever since I got them!

Loving this from mango and the best part is its on sale at the moment!(HURRY HURRY)

Whats your favorite  buy this season. If you were to pick one favorite wardrobe piece what will it be! Do you have any particular  garments in your wardrobe that are really close to your heart! We would love to hear your stories!

Until Next time!

Take care!

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