Friday 24 March 2017

Friday 24 March 2017

Wishing you a Glorious Weekend!

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And its FRI-YaaaY!   I have been under the weather all this week, with a temperature that seemed to be fluctuating more like a seesaw- it certainly wasn’t the pinkest of health  this week and I am rather glad to embrace the weekend! There will be some catch-up sleeping and some VEEP-ing! 

I might muster some courage to journey into my dark and unexplored wardrobe territory and get organisational- Its a jungle out there;)

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The mister and I, We are off to a round of Portugal explorations next week and there is much sun promised- Fingers Crossed!

A DimSum Friday,perhaps? This recipe has become a weekend ritual in our household!

And this picture left me chuckling!

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It’s the season of pink and some lemony yellows!

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Amanda Seyfred literally has the most adorable dog ever-its packed with cuteness overload- you’ve been warned ;)!

Wishing you all a Glorious weekend!

Until Next Time, 

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