Saturday 12 November 2016

Saturday 12 November 2016

Oh SO November!

Well, with an exciting twist and turn of events, Donald Trump has achieved the unthinkable feat . As the world slowly recover from the disbelief of a Trump Victory and have come to terms with the inevitable, lets ‘plough on’ with steely optimism and undeterred hope in these changing times. 

As for November, with dropping temperatures, ’layering’ certainly reigns supreme this side of the world, not letting go of any hot-chocolate opportunities, I am certainly loving the fall-dulgence!!This season calls for braving the cold and trumping the dark times with opulent charm and abundant sass ;) And we bring you our hand-picked favourites, that’s got all the magic to bring warmth and charm even on the coldest and darkest of wintry days!

If beige isn’t your colour, Chanel certainly gives strong reasoning to win you over, celebrating the gentlest of hues! The limited edition Beige, is a bottled partly! It transports you to charming memories of winter yarn and delicate floral dreams, this beige is anything but ordinary! The jasmine notes are so well balanced not over powering as one would expect, and it certainly made me a Beige-person and it’s just the perfect fall-winter hearty scent!

Say good bye to Palettes as you know it, behold the Jedi –Palette of all palettes, with soft,creamy texture and rich fall shades– the Mario Dedivanovic and ABH collab brought the world to a  frenzied pause, and this Masterpalette was like a good epidemic that spread like a wild fire and as expected It was  an instant ‘sold-out’! AS luck would have it, I was at the right-place at the right-time clicking away the right buttons and the stars aligned( and hooray to speedy internet) for me to get hold of this delightful palette. I have nothing but good things to say, as you can possibly judge ;) and a detailed review I promise!

Girlactik Matte liquid lipsticks has been a recent accidental discovery and it’s an absolute favourite of mine! Founded back in 2000, out of makeup artist Galit Strugano’s frustration with the lack of finesse with shimmery makeup in the market, she took on the brave challenge and launched her on makeup line and what followed was an absolute success story! I am eager to try out more from the brand! And Yaay to Girl Power!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk breezed into my fav’s list with total panache! A  rockstar of a product and deserves  all the hype!  IF there is an ultimate-foundation check list, the Armani silky foundation would easily meet all of it! Its EPIC!!

 The Bauble Bar monogrammed chain is classy and it’s just the winter accessory you will surely reach out to! I am totally crushing on this one!

A Ruby Sequinned dress Is just the OMPHH to ablaze the party circuit this winter! I discovered this on & Other Stories, I am deeply grateful to my visiting cousin, for introducing me to the whimsical world of beautiful story telling , the store is truly awesome and magical!

Pair with nice dangling earrings to complete the diva-licious look! The silver crescent moon from & Other Stories,  as familiar as it sounds, has a very endearing feel to it!

Unleash fashion G (glitter) forces with the magnificent Kurt Geiger boots, can there ever by too much glitz, like ever ;)

 A boxy clutch for the essentials (like make up duh!!) this one from Mango will surely round up the outfit and get you dancing all night long!! 

Now talking about make up , can one ever have too many red –lipsticks :D , the CT  K.S.S.I.N.G  love bite is just the dreamy,creamy shade , the perfect lipstick-warranty for the all-important date-night! Its Bold, Beautiful and Empowering and a perfect winter hue! 

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to interrupt-winter monotony , get out there and seize the day- Carpe Diem!

Lots of love, 
Merin and Meera!

PS: We absolutely love it when you get in touch with us! Tell us all about your current crush list, Ben Cumberbatch? ;) !

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