Sunday 13 November 2016

Sunday 13 November 2016

Amazing Athens!!

Be it the mystical Goddess Athena or the brashness of mighty Zeus, Beyond the deepest blues of Aegean waters awaits a magnificent land of   Gods, Demi-Gods and super-mortals( aren’t we all ;) )!

It took 200 Years to build the Parthenon

Now Athens, isn't your ordinary touristy city, the lingering gaze of the incredible ‘Parthenon’, follows you for miles( and miles), even through the narrowest of nooks and cranny of the city, reminding you of the multitude of struggles and chaos endured!   

The ruggedness of the pentalic marble against the stark blue-skies is an absolute vision, and it rouses a strong, almost spiritual sense of just being-present - in the very moment! 

Acropolis, a UNESCO heritage site, is a gold mine- of relics and ruins of once sacred temples and its time easily spent with add on’s of breath-taking, birds-eye view of the sprawling city, its life experience in itself!

Now, don’t we all love a juicy anecdote, Legend has it, Goddess Athena bestowed Athenians with the humble olive tree, winning over Poseidon, the Deity of Sea, aka, EARTH SHAKER! 

olive trees 

The Athenian love for all things olives and olive trees, is pretty obvious, from Olive soaps to luxe creams, there are some plentiful creative options to pick from ! 

Temple Remains

The view !!!

Agora- The Market Place! 

Wearing an Anthropologie Jump Suit
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Once you’ve soaked up or rightly caught up on all the history and you’re ready to step back into time, in the shadow of Acropolis lies a beautiful street called Plaka, with taverna’s in abundance ( the Gods were hungry too;)  and free wifi( WUhoo) , recharge your battery with some heavenly Greek cuisine! 

The smell of roasted peppers or more likely the handsome waiter’s Greek charm ;) will surely lure you in!


Decisions , Decisions!

A chilled beer or perhaps ouzo, to recover from the summery sun is just the right proposition! 

Add caption

With pickled olives to pick on and the finest crusty bread to start off and some  delish courgette fritters.

So totally going to learn to make courgette fritters!

 We settled for souvlaki, served with the most refreshing tzatziki and hot griddle toasted bread and a hearty portion of stufed peppers!  The Greek affair for cheese and food is certainly a sacred one, and as for me I am a convert,It was Mousakka-ptism! Ha!

Stuffed Peppers!


With well fed stomachs and buzzing minds, we set forth to conquer the city, through the grid of streets, from mesmerizing souvenir shops, to artsy galleria, intricate trinkets and strappy sandals , it truly was an absolute feast for all senses, discovering and getting lost at the same time, the joys of travel eh!

The stretch from Synatgma,the city center to Monastiraki the market neighbourhood, should be a must visit, on your agenda!

The fleet Market near Syntagma is a must visit

The colours!!

Gladiators anybody?

 Now Sunsets in Greece is a colossal event. No matter what one’s doing, Life comes to a brief halt to  soak up the crimson magical last rays of the day. Mount Lycabetteus, proverbially an adobe for wolves, is best known for the best view of Athens and the best place to be, come sunset!

The mighty trek to Mount Lycabettus

We embarked on the holy trek to Mount Lycabettus, I must say,the trek is not for the faint hearted, A steep trek of about a zillion steps and a  short funicular railway ride and another 200 steps, will get you to the top of the mountain with  a gorgeous chapel on the other side. 

We were speechless.

The view. 

The view was exquisite and the moment, etched in our hearts, for eternity!

Until Next Time


PS: More posts on the Great Greek ( GREAK) Odyssey coming soon on the blog J Stay Tuned!

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