Sunday 21 February 2016

Sunday 21 February 2016

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons!

Finally, the much-awaited too faced chocolate palatte is here in Qatar, the 3rd in their chocolate series. I have been a huge fan of their first palette the chocolate bar one and have been waiting to get these..

When it comes to packaging, I love the way the brand uses metallic compact. It comes in a pink girly metal case, with a metallic closure same as the chocolate bar palette. The cover has self-embossed heart shapes, fits in perfectly with Valentine’s Day theme with hearts and pinks.

There are 16 shades in the palette with more shades that are neutral and a few bright colours. It is a beautiful mix of five matte shades and shimmer eye shades. The eye shadows have a smooth buttery texture, and easy to apply and blends in smoothly. When I did a swatch I was a bit worried on their lasting power, but I used the palette for the first time today and was happy with how long my eye makeup lasted. I was out the whole day and it stayed put on my eyelids until I removed it (it was on for almost 10hrs with the primer). No creasing and no fall outs too. Oh did I forget to mention that they smell chocolaty, same as the chocolate bar, it is formulated with actual cocoa powder.

L-R:Almond Truffle,Sprinkles,Molasses Chip,Malted

L-R: Cashew Chew,Cotton Candy,Cafe Au Lait,Bordeaux,Mocha,Black Currant

L-R:Dark Truffle,Pecan Praline,Totally Fetch,Earl Gery

L-R:satin sheets ,Divinity

My most favorite shades are 'Molasses chip','Malted','Bordeaux', 'Dark truffle' and 'Earl grey'. I am not sure if I can pull off 'Totally Fetch'.

 'Cashew chew' and 'Pecan Praline' is a perfect base shade. I love 'Almond truffle’ and 'Mocha' as a transition shade. In addition, for the highlighter we have 'Satin sheets' and 'Divinity'

They have included a look guide with instructions to create three different looks.

 Too faced palettes are definitely worth the buy!

Have you used the too faced palettes? What is your favorite shade? We would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. It looks gorgeous, the packaging makes me so hungry haha. I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

    1. You made my day:) glad that you liked our space,would love to follow your work

  2. Very cut box :)
    Maria V.

    1. Love your blog too!!you guys have a great sense if style!!Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. It’s very elegant. The packaging is also great. I would like to gift it to my sister on her 16th birthday bash. She just love makeup and going to host a fun spa party at a popular event venue. I am sure she would like my gift!

    1. hey :) I am sure your sis would love this-Its a total winner! THe colours are fun and lovely! Thank you for stopping by:)