Tuesday 16 February 2016

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Nailing it with some Nail Enhancements;)

I hope up you had a splendid Valentines weekend with plentiful surprises and dreamy romantic dinners!

It was a lovely cosy stay at home romantic date night this side of the world; we cooked up a Mexican treat and with flowers and my favourite bake from Paul, my Valentine made my day extra special!

Being a mum of two notoriously naughty kids, having time to myself is more of luxury these days! Between changing diapers and dealing feisty brawls for the ipad, excessive ‘Mama-love’ or  the  ‘dramatically fussy’ days it can be a roller-coaster ride, Yes there are ‘highs’ and ever so ‘lows’ your patience will be tested ( like TESTED) and resilience stiffened!! You will discover mighty motherly emotions you never knew existed!!

As for mothers out there, to keep your sanity under check it is truly important and recommended to have some time for yourself, to do things you love! Get your hubby on babysitting duties and get out there with your girl pals, hit the mall or the café and let your hair loose and unwind!

A Nail Enhancement session was a much-needed break I was yearning for! I had been wanting one for ages and signed up for an amazing session at the ‘Glow American Salon’ here in Qatar. The one at West Bay Lagoon is really impressive, with a wide range of services and excellent customer service, I was extremely happy with my experience with them! They offer a big range of Nail Art services and from Summer Mojito Pedicures to Bahama Mama You would walk out of the store with Happy Feet for sure!

The wonder woman Niki took me on and was an absolute delight! She charmingly explained the finer details of  acrylic and gel enhancement process, as gel ones tend to be long lasting I went for them.

Starting with some buffing and cleaning, Nikki then applied the faux acrylic nails onto my nails, trimming them to desired size. I went for an almond shape and a medium length, which was not overly pointy! A little more buffing was done for the acrylic nails to blend in naturally and it renders a nice, smooth, natural look. Once we were happy with the shape, a fine coat of gel went on top of the nail, which was followed by some UV drying for about a minute or so.

The entire process took about 1.5 hours, once done it looked super smooth and most importantly super natural! You can apply any colour you like, I went for Dior Mystère ,a finely tuned oxblood shade that walks the line between cherry, plum, and merlot,it truly echoed Valentines and I also mixed it up with some Barry M diamond glitter to give a bit of finesse to the look!

With regular follow up infills the enhancements are supposed to be long lasting and is definitely worth a try!

Have you indulged in nail enhancements? 

We would love to hear the current nail shades you are obsessing about! 

Are you liking the almond shaped nails that’s currently trending?

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  1. Love those colours. :)


    1. Many thanks Yana!! Love the dior edit -its a total must have!!Thank you for stopping by!!