Monday 14 December 2015

Monday 14 December 2015

Skate at the Somerset House!

Hello!!  I Hope you are well! 

If you are in and around London, skating to some amazing tunes can be a  fun thing to do!

I had my ‘serendipity moment’ this weekend as I mustered up some serious swag and put on my skating boots! I definitely have two left feet when it comes to skating but that surely didn’t stand in my way from having fun!!

The Somerset House located by the epic Strand in central London is a must visit if you are in the neighborhood. Every year they open their doors to the public with one of the most amazing skating rinks in the city! 

The atmosphere is truly infectious and festive! It almost feels surreal as you skate away with the majestic building in the background  standing tall and strong as a testament of time and many a struggles. 

It’s a hidden gem tucked away from all the hustle and bustle.

I was enamored by the remarkable building and magnificent lights!

There was cheeky romance in the air, funny banter and some total kick ass Elsa moves and as for me I skidded away to glory!!It was good fun indeed!

 The lovely evening soon turned into one of the most amazing starry nights this season with mild winter breeze, it truly was one to be remembered for sure.

I am in love with my jumper  that i picked up from Zara! You can find similar ones here and I'm loving   this cosy turtle neck !If you've been hunting for the perfect white denims grab these as soon as you can as its on sale at the moment!!

After battling it out in the rink we decided to call it  quits and retired to the comfort of the beautifully lit lounge  by the rink. With Box seat view of the rink we consumed some delightful hot chocolate goodness and immaculate minced pies and got ourselves warmed and ready for the cold again!

So if you are in the mood for some ice action, you can book your tickets here

The tickets get sold out super-fast so I would recommend planning in advance! (Hurry!! Hurry!!)
In addition, they offer skating lessons as well! (You have no EXCUSES!) And other fun activities!

So that’s it for now folks! I would love to hear about your skating times!

Have you visited the somerset house? Do leave us a comment.

Until Next time!

Take care

PS: Get out there and get skating!!

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