Wednesday 30 December 2015

Wednesday 30 December 2015

A New year Wish!

Hello :)

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! The holiday season has been wonderful this side of the world we had a splendid time with near and dear ones! With Gifts exchanged, Belly laugh moments in plenty, innocuous tattles shared and over the top calorific gastronomic goodness consumed- Sigh! It was all over a bit too quickly!

With 2016 at arm’s reach, I could not help but think of all the many beautiful memories that has been etched ! Feeling grateful and a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone for your continued support and love!

2016 will surely be another epic year! With places awaiting to be discovered, aspirations to be realized, many a Kilo to be burned and you may perhaps let your hair loose, shed those   thoughts of self-doubts and fear and go guns blazing on that epic road trip on your bucket list!

 2016 is going to be ‘Year of that Marathon run’- the one you have been planning all these many years and brushed it aside every single time! For all that you know it could be ever so surprising Love on the cards with the timeless Mr Right or  Miss 10/10  popping up when you least expected!  A year of babies for some,year of college and perseverance for others!With relationships amended and friends reconnected,this year will be for sure a year of immense possibilities.

Many dusk's and dawns awaiting,Many strides in  drizzly rain,Plenty of Picnics and Many a 'Hard to remember what happened last night 'Party- I cannot help but smile already about 2016!.

I wish you all the happiness that life can offer! Wish you good health,joy,peace and company of amazing friends!

A big thank you to 2015 and bring it on 2016!


Image Credit-The Denver Post

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