Monday 23 November 2015

Monday 23 November 2015

How to get super awesome skin in under 55 Pounds!!

Yes yes!   We all know the three basic rules :)  Cleanse tone and Moisturize! 

Like I mentioned in my earlier post I am on a mission to salvage my skin!

So After much research these are my picks, I’ve tried to strike a good balance between quality and price!

I have a bit of a growing pore situation and after serious research I decided to give the BodyShop  SeaWeed Range a try. I am using their deep cleansing face wash and their cleanser as well.

The face wash is nice and doesn’t overly dry out your skin!  (Absolutely love that#)It's Priced at  9.50 GBP for  100 ml.

The cleanser comes in a nice and creamy texture and does a good job cleaning the skin Priced at 9.50 GBP for 200ml.

I decided to use Clearasil Deep Cleansing Toner. It’s nice and easy on the pocket priced at 3.49 GBP for 200ml and it’s nice and easy on the skin as well! A total win-win!!

I was looking for a moisturizer combined with some sun protection and Clarins hydra quench Cream SPF15 is the moisturizer I went for! J’Adore this one!

I am a stickler for non-greasy moisturizer and I am absolutely loving this one! It kept my skin nice and moist all day long!!  J !!yippee!!

The Clarins moisturiser is priced at 30GBP and it's a total investment.It's suitable for normal and dry skin.

So there you go – Cleanse tone and moisturize! If you’ve been slacking away(like me ) - just make a resolve and take good care of your skin! 

We would love to hear about the products you are  loving this autumn!What's your favorite moisturizer?

Thanks for stopping by!!

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