Saturday 21 November 2015

Saturday 21 November 2015

A walk in the woods- Ashridge Estate

It was a lazy uneventful weekend and that’s when we remembered about the lovely Ashridge estate!

It was almost a year since we last visited the estate and we were as much in awe and wonder of the picturesque woods.

Located on the north of  Berkhampstead,the 5000 acres of woodland( wow) just bursts into beauty at this time of the year in  lovely hues of red, yellow, orange and green. 

Fall truly has a charm of its own!

Isn't that the prettiest  cottage ever!!

It’s just the perfect place to spend your afternoon if you want to just sign out from everything digital and be with nature!

Perfect to bike around, or just walk and trek.

This week has been a bit on the rainy side which meant there were plenty of puddles (woohoo).

The temperature has been dropping( sigh) and it's dark at early o clock. To uplift my winter spirits I  got some new knits!! A girl just can never have too many knits;)


I bought a Mango Jumper- love the colour it’s gasoline green and has yellow velvet print on it!

And patchy jeans from Mango !It was love at first sight! You can find similar here!!

These rings are on reduced price at the moment! You can buy them here!!

The EPIC  Jump

This probably is the worst jump in the history of jumps(lol) but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t fun doing the JUMP~~ hehe! It was super-duper fun! We managed to get one perfect shot!!

Should have taken my wellies!!

I can stare at this all day long!!

After much walking in the woods We headed over to the dainty café at the estate!
We totally earned a sugary treat ;)

Yikes!!! Close your eyes if you are on a diet:|

It truly was a tough call! And we went for the divine scones and a cappuccino!

Good Bye Ashridge:) we'll be back in Spring (fingers crossed) to see the bluebells blossom!

We hope you like this post! What's your ideal weekend get away like? Have you splurged on knits this autumn? 

Until Next time! 

Take Care:)

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