Tuesday 21 February 2017

Tuesday 21 February 2017

Get Glowing with VLCC!


Hope you guys are doing well!

Last week I was invited by WhatsUpDoha for a slimming and beauty awareness event hosted by VLCC Qatar along with fellow beauty and makeup artists in Qatar. VLCC is quiet famous for their beauty and slimming treatments and I for sure, was certainly intrigued to find out whether they could live up to the high standards, I had gotten used to back in India!

After a quick briefing by the team, we could choose either a makeup look by Reshmi Lakha a professional makeup artist from Mumbai, a hair treatment or beauty service and I decided to go for some much needed TLC for my skin. 

The  MelanoWhite Brightening therapy was my chosen treatment for the day, as opposed to the outbreak treatment. The MelanoWhite Treatment by BellaWave is a VLCC exclusive and it targets at rejuvenating your skin, giving it a  luminous, all so important ‘porcelain-glow’. It focuses on existing melanin and prevents any further discoloration.

Now getting into the nitty-gritty of the treatment, it starts with a good round of cleansing, I had makeup on and every trace of it was removed. This was followed by Microdermabrasion for removing dead skin and pigmentation. 

Followed by exfoliating Radiant bio peel which is serum based. The product is applied for a good 10 mins and the enzyme peel drills into the deepest pores of your skin getting rid of discolouration, dead skin cells and dullness.

Then  they apply a mix of Alpha-Litamin complex. This one concentrates on removing pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dark brown spots. This is massaged onto the skin.

Next we have Rebalance essence, a gel based product that’s massaged onto skin. This helps to improve The melanin content, skin lighting and hydration. this is massaged along with the Alpha-Litamincomplex. Unlike other facial treatments out there in the MelanoWhite Treatment none of the products are removed from the skin,each product is massaged one by one on top of each other.

After this we have the Melanin treatment for which  uses 2 masks.
The first one is an Enzyme Mask. It’s a whiteness intensifying mask and it Helps to improve uneven skin tone and also helps to enhance luminosity resulting in glowing skin. This mask is massaged into the skin.

The second is a Mousse Mask, which is in a powder form mixed with water and applied to the skin. This controls melanin and rejuvenates  complexion . This was left on for 15 mins. It's then removed and cleansed with cotton pads dipped in water. Topped off by applying some serum which helps in brightening and hydrating.

And the verdict!

The treatment is priced at 600QAR and I really(Like really)  loved the service. My face was really dull and sans of any glam sheen and I could see visible results right after the treatment! It’ss advised to do the treatment a few times for the ultimate radiant skin and if you are on the bridal radar, this is a must-pre-wedding treatment!

Now be it damage-maintenance for the lovely tresses to gearing into shape – VLCC offers some of the best hair care and slimming treatments and Reshma Lakha is notoriously renowned for diva-licious make overs, So Head to VLCC Qatar for some well-deserved good round of TLC  !

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Photo Credits : Whats Up Doha

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