Sunday 8 January 2017

Sunday 8 January 2017

2016, You were truly Brilliant

I am slowly warming up to 2017 and the last few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster memory ride for sure.

Well 2016 was nothing short of EPIC-ness of the highest proportions and I can sense this joyful twitch in my heart thinking of all the great memories made!  It could have been a year of self-discovery to some degree, when I truly let go of myself and I must say it’s been absolutely liberating. I am not sure whether I am proverbially any wiser than my usual self(Ha!), but I think I have found a happy place!

New places explored, plentiful exhilarating exciting adventures to count back on and many memories etched for eternity!
It certainly was a year of abundant love and  grateful for time spent with near and dear ones, 2016 you were truly brilliant!

It was a spectacular year blog-wise too! TheMakeupSOS has grown in folds and we can’t thank you enough for the constant love and support! It has been a year of fantastic makeup discoveries, gaga –moments over glorious palettes and fantastic cherry plum breakthroughs!! We’ve hacked our way through weekly meals and treated ourselves with some indulgent classy numbers too ;)
  And oh yes, let 2016 be earmarked as the year of come-backs, from patches to sassy velvet it certainly was a year of  timeless fashionable moments. It was a year of  great collaborations and  we were truly lucky to have worked with some great creators and influencers.

And We are ever so grateful to all our lovely readers out there! Every like, comment ,share has been the much appreciated :)

 !  The encouragement and kind words, truly keeps us going and we are humbled by all the love we’ve received!
And as we slowly roll into yet another innings,we would like to wish you all a very happy new year, may there be much peace, joy and love !Wishing you all the health and company of amazing friends.

And as for 2017,  It will be a smashing one,I can feel it in my bones!

PS: Do stay tuned for the upcoming post, we have something exciting planned for you ;) ! 

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