Wednesday 5 October 2016

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick Review

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Hope all is well that side! We are slowly settling into the daily grind! Ian has been creatively coming up with  excuses ‘to-not-go-to-school’ and Nevan has been at his hyper-active best!

In today’s Post, I am reviewing the Maybelline Super Stay 14 hour Lipstick Range! I picked them up during a recent drug store visit, the range has been pretty popular and have been around for a few years now! 14 hour wear time was a huge claim and I was intrigued to test it out!

The range comprises of 5 shades that includes peachy corals to bold reds to meet everyone’s fancy. I picked up Eternal Rose and the Always Plum.

The lipsticks are cased in a transparent bottom container that makes it super easy to identify the shade and comes with a smart white cap.The light-weight long-lasting formula has  a matte finish sans the dryness of your typical matte lipsticks. 

Eternal Rose

There is a hint of creamy texture that slowly settles after a few hours of wear time. The highly pigmented formula meant that a little of the product rendered a whole lot of colour to your lips. It gave an opaque finish to my lips. I would recommend prepping your lips before applying the product to prevent the product from sticking to dry flaky bits of your lip.

The lipstick is not transfer proof and easily transfers to your coffee cup! Interestingly it also had a fruity smell, not too overpowering I must add, and it did ease out after a while. It gave me a total wear time of about  7-8 hours ( coffee and hogging involved) and there was minimal fading but it did settle into dry bits. I was a tad  bit disappointed to see the colour getting a bit patchy after a while.

eternal rose

Eternal Rose is a gorgeous rose-pink shade, not too warm nor cool.The colour is super vibrant and I believe it would suit all skin tones!The shade is towards the brighter spectrum but not the neon bright ! I am absolutely in love with this colour and on days when I am consumed by sleepless weariness, a dab of this shade is all I need for an instant uplift!

Always Plum

Always Plum is a lovely plum shade with deep plum tones and mauve undertones. Like Eternal Rose, this shade too should easily suit all skin tones. For reference my skin tone is a  MAC NC42. It’s a perfect fall/winter shade and I am sure to be reaching out to this one often! For a subtle look you can even settle with a single layer of the product and coat up if you are after some drama!

Always Plum

The lipstick is priced at USD 8.99 for 3.3 gms and should be available at a Drugstore/Boots close to you or buy directly from here.

Eternal Rose and Always Plum

If you are looking for a long lasting,daily wear lipstick then I would recommend giving this product a go! Eternal Rose is definitely one of the best pinks I have used!

Have you tried the 14 hours Super stay range? 

 I would love to know your thoughts!

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