Wednesday 6 January 2016

Wednesday 6 January 2016

Snooze- The Ultimate guide to sleeping better !!

Have you had nights when no matter what you do – it just seems impossible to fall asleep! Counting a million sheep, shutting your eyes concrete tight, imagining the greenest of pastures and bluest of skies all seems utterly futile!
Even after Devouring a gigantic bowl of cereals  at 12 ish to avert   any lean possibility of hunger, tip toeing your way into the kitchen feeling a bit weird as you’ve now realized this is growing to be a daily affair!!And not giving up, with ebbing optimism you tuck back  into  cold sheets only to find yourself  tossing and turning  and drifting  into thoughts of bags and  shoes, of insta pics and Fb statuses, work mails and things half done!

And  you finally give up as you hear the sound of morning birds chirping away in the background and  you can almost hear the 6 am alarm that’s going to go off in no time what so ever!

Fret not My friend! This is going to be a thing of historic times!Read on for some easy to follow steps on how to sleep like a total Pro!

As ‘old school’ and ‘Yogi like’ as it sounds, a few minutes of peace and tranquillity away from the clatter of the telly and never ending electronic buzzzz can be surprisingly relaxing and utterly satisfying!


I am a coffee lover of the highest order! I live by ‘But first ,Coffee!’ , so cutting down  on that extra cuppa as you can probably imagine  was painful! Likes of chamomile tea and other light fruity and herby brews can be much refreshing and a good replacement for the afternoon coffee!

Technology made me a convert, but every time I smell and feel the lovely pages of my paperback I turn into a total fraudster as I’m enraptured into a world of mystic and absolute wonder! It truly is delight of its own to get lost in between lines, leaving behind all the qualms and apprehensions of the day. Bossy Pants by Tina fey is by my night stand and every single night I break into giggles as I turn page after page.

Go Organic!

The benefits of a balanced diet with plentiful fruits and leafy vegetables can never be undermined! Research has shown that drinking a glass of cherry juice can really help you with the way you sleep or perhaps why not try a hot cup of cocoa, as milk is rich in minerals like calcium and magnesium and will help you to  sleep like a baby.

Simple Exercises
‘We like to Move it – Move it ‘!!! Shake those bones and Prance around the house   to some up beat UK top 40 tunes and the results are going to surprise you! Not only does it get all those happy mojo jojo juices flowing in your brain  making you a social delight but also helps to burn  those stubborn calories and does wondrous things to the way you sleep! If you feel really motivated you can progress into some simple do  at home exercises. I found this link really useful .There are tons of videos and online content out there!

Signing Off DigitallY!
As torturous as it sounds- Signing off digitally is a total worth-it move!! Put your phones down! Log off from all the insta’s and fb’s of the world just wind down and in the words of the greatest animated panda in the world May you find  zen like ‘Inner Peace’!

So here’s wishing you the best of sleeps!

Take care!


  1. GREAT tips!! I will be posting some of my own tips over on my blog :)

    - Seri

    1. Many thanks Seri:) Looking forward to reading your post!

      Take care!