Sunday 1 February 2015

Sunday 1 February 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled Eye-shadow haul plus!!!

Hi All,

Today’s blog post is about my eye shadow haul from Makeup Geek. I am a huge admirer of Marlena’s work and was always looking forward to buy from her line of cosmetics. Since am home I had a few things on my list that I wanted to buy online, mainly for the convenience of getting it delivered directly to my address. Back in Qatar it’s a little difficult to get things delivered since I don’t have a PO Box. So I thought I’ll make use of my next 7 month time is India to buy and test out some products from my favorite brands for my readers.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eye-shadows and Eye shadow Pans

As soon as I heard about the launch of her new range of eye-shadows, the foiled eye shadows I had to have it. So went straight to and it was sold out. They had the option to let you know by mail once it’s available, also they had mentioned the time by which it will be back in stock. So I gave my mail id plus I kept checking the site constantly to see if it was back or not. In a week’s time it was back on stock and I went ahead with my order. Along with the foiled eye-shadows I picked up a few others from makeup geek eye shadow pan range too.

Makeup Geek Foiled Eye shadow

The foiled shadows are super pigmented, metallic and shiny, as if you applied it with a wet brush. You have the option of either choosing the Makeup Geek Foiled Eye shadow Complete Set or if you want only certain color’s you can opt for that too.I opted for the entire set. The shades that comes under this range are

-Magic Act- a soft warm gold shade
-Grand stand- a warm rose gold shade
-In the Spot light – a bright peachy shade
-Mesmerized- taupe with plum undertones
Magic Act,Grand Stand,In the Spot Light,Mesmerized

-Show Time- a cranberry /burgundy shade
-Flame thrower- bright copper with orange undertones
-Center Stage- a royal blue shade
-Jester- a bright green shade with gold undertones

Showtime,Flame Thrower,Center Stage,Jester

-Houdini – a teal shade
-Caitlin Rose- a purplish tone

Houdini,Caitlin Rose

They have amazing texture and is easily blendable. With just a single swipe you get amazing opaque color. My favorites from the lot is Houdini and Showtime. While Caitlin rose and center stage are the least pigmented one as in u need a couple of swipes to build up the shade.

Makeup Geek eye shadow pans

From the makeup geek eye shadow pan range I picked up Vanilla Bean, Frappe, Shimma Shimma, Peach Smoothie, Gold Digger, Mocha, Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Latte, Mango Tango and Barcelona Beach. Will post the swatches later.

Z-Palette Large and Stippling Foundation Brush

Along with these I picked up their Z- palette large in black and a foundation stippling brush. I placed the order around 2nd week of January and in two week’s time it was delivered home. 

Makeup Geek Eye shadow

The makeup geek foiled complete set price is $89 while individual pans cost $9.99. I recommend you to pick up the complete set.

The makeup geek eyeshadow pan costs about $5.99

Z-palette large $20

Foundation brush $17

You can place the order from their site and the good news is that they ship worldwide.I opted for the USPS first-class package international service which was affordable.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review.



  1. Hi! Nice review I am planning to order from their website can yo please tell how much time they took in delivery and any custom duty you paid.

    1. Thank you Juhi!! it was delivered in two weeks time, and i did not pay any duty

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    1. Many thanks Martinez:) Thank you for stopping by!!