Sunday 25 January 2015

Sunday 25 January 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File Review!!

Hi all,

Hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was same usual routine sleeping and running behind my 2 year old.

In between this busy and tiring schedule I have been trying out one of this product I came across online. Its Scholl velvet smooth electronic foot file. Initially when I saw this product at the store I ignored it. A week later another friend of mine too was looking out for the same and I decided to give it a try.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot file

This one comes with an electronic foot file, roller head, 4 AA batteries and a cover for the roller head.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot file

I have been using it for the past one month. I have very dry feet with the skin peeling off, and this one really helped. With the pregnancy fatigue setting in I was lazy to go for pedicures, this one turned out a a life saver. It was like getting a pedicure at the comfort of your house. All you have to do is to turn the power on and roll over the areas that are really hard and dry. You have to gently roll on the areas that are dry for around 3-4 seconds, not more than that on the same area. Follow this by washing of your feet and applying moisturizer for super soft skin. First few times I used it for around 3-4 days continuously to get the result (my feet is were very dry). After that I kept using it twice a week. My feet is really soft now. This has become a regular staple, something I can’t live without now. And the best thing about this product is that you can carry it with you even if you’re travelling.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot file

The roller head is a detachable one. So once you are done with the scrubbing you can remove it from the body and clean it with water, let it dry and place it back. You can clean the body using a damp cloth Make sure that water doesn't touch the file because this one operates on battery. Anyways the packing comes with detail instructions.

I got mine from Lulu hypermarket in Qatar. As I was travelling I picked up additional roller heads too.I did check in boots too, but it wasn't available. In India am not sure where you will get to buy this. It’s available in and flipkart with cash on delivery option.

Price: Rs.2850 (in and

I think all you ladies should have this in your pamper kit.

 Hope you guys enjoyed the review.



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